People made a wrong decision on January 8th

Not even pieces of Facebook that changed governments

No pieces of Yahapaalanaya either

-- Minister Nimal Siripala

Minister Nimal Siripala de Silva addressing a meeting in Ella, Uva, Karandagola area has subjected the government to severe
criticism. He stated that the public are now regretting about the foolishness they committed on January 8th by being duped by the Facebook. The ideas he expressed are as follows:

"During the election period the 'valalu velenda' came. Got duped and gave the vote. Today there's no 'valalu' nor the 'velenda'. Some people got cheated by the Facebook. Today there's no pieces even ... of the Facebook. Not even pieces of 'yahapaalanaya'. Certain Ministers who put forward the board of 'yahapaalanaya' and tried to get across the Diyawanna Oya today just keep looking up like rotters without doing any work and accepting the allowances and privileges. But that's not what the public looked forward to. The public gave the vote to the 'yahapaalanaya' not just to get Ministerships and just to wait for them to get their allowances and privileges for nothing. Where are those who spoke of corruption and terror today? Those who spoke like that have got to a side and keep gazing. We also are waiting to see what is going to happen from 'yahapaalaya'.

On the invitation of President Mr. Maithripala Sirisena we decided to join the government. We did so to do some service to you'll. This is not our government. Just because we went to a National Government, we can't let the Sri Lanka Freedom Party dissolve away. Just because we joined hands with the National Government we are not asking to give the vote to the Elephant. That's our hope. Today the JVP has gone to pieces. There's no place where the 'Seenuwa' was now. If Mr. Maithripala has abolished the Executive Presidentship and would even abolish the rest of it too ... it would be good. We joined with the SLFP Chairman Mr. Maithripala Sirisena and accepted Positions of Ministers to do some service to the people who gave their support to the Alliance and not to join with Mr. Ranil Wickremasingha. We should now unite. Now itself we should get together and bring about an Alliance Government under President Maithripala. Let's get together for the next General Election".

An audio tape of that speech, from below