Sheshadri - Sampath 'apartment story'

What is the truth of the Sheshadri - Sampath 'apartment story?'

A heated outlook has dawned on the divorce issue between up-and-coming actress Sheshadri and Sampath de Silva who have been subjected to a topic of
discussion by now because of the curiosity combined with unconfirmed information. However, Gossipa has come to know that some news items could be partial and the true situation could be somewhat different.

The marriage between Sampath, the son of Ranjan de Silva who acted as the Media Director of the former President Mahinda Rajapaksa getting married to the second child of three children, Sheshadri of film producer Dinesh Priyasad took place by a proposal and at that time it was a ceremony which drew immense prominence and reports about their honeymoon trip inclusive of the party thrown at President's House and other various festivities which were published across various media including Gossipa.

We reported about Sheshadri Priyasad leaving her husband and also about the very first day that they had filed legal action. Sampath however did not mention the specific reason as to why Sheshadri happened to leave him when he gave the interview to us after that. What he mentioned was that she disliked his younger brother coming and staying at the home and that all of a sudden she had said that she was going for a class but that she never turned up for months. Whatever it is, several months after she had left him, Sampath had forwarded a photograph of an apartment and the two of them with a woman police constable behind them and with some others standing close to a door of a house supposed to be in that apartment, to websites saying that the location where Sheshadri was carrying on an illicit affair was caught red-handed (we did not publish this until its truth was confirmed). In any case, Gossipa has received news about a story and a number of other incidents entirely contradictory to the former story. It is upto you to enquire about its veracity. Sheshadri or her lawyers have declined to talk about this incident while an intimate person of Sheshadri has explained the following in our presence:

"This marriage took place entirely at the necessity of those on Sampath's side. Sheshadri became despondent about this marriage even before three weeks elapsed after the wedding. What she told me was that her husband as well as his mother were harassing her. When this was conveyed to her mother, though it was thought that the child should be rescued from this marriage, they had been scared of the political power the husband's father wielded. Even though the parents had approached the police to make a complaint, the police had refused to even accept the complaint. The family and the sisters had received threats, it is said. When problems were becoming aggravated, she became someone like a slave in the house. She had no permission to go home or to communicate with the father and mother. During that period Sheshadri had no opportunity to go for acting, to attend any party, to go about anywhere or to attend any ceremony as such. On most occasions it was only her two sisters who were present at ceremonies. Not being able to bear up this mental pressure, Sheshadri tried to scoot out of the house on a couple of instances or so. But such attempts were foiled. Actually I know, Sheshadri once got pregnant; she told me. I know that as a result of an assault her embryo was destroyed and she suffered a severe shock as a consequence.

Whatever it is, after the government toppled, this fear of Shesha came down. It was at that time that she escaped from the house. She continued with her studies. But she lived in fear. One day when she was coming back after a class, she noticed somebody following her and she had phoned home. On that occasion her father had asked her where she was then and had given her instructions to go to a friend's apartment in Wellawatta for safety purposes. It was at that point that the 119 was called and the husband who had followed her had opened the door in the house where she was. Right at that moment Shesha's father together with some officers of the crime division of Wellawatta Police had gone to that spot. What those people are arguing is that the legal wife had gone to other places without informing the husband. But what this party on the other hand say is that because there was no safety, she had gone there for safety. Whatever it is, a different and strange story had been woven by involving the photo of this incident, thus throwing mud at her".
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