Over 132 deaths ... Manner in which Chinese media publish news about corona ... changed

Over 132 deaths ... Manner in which Chinese media publish ne

Over 132 deaths ... Manner in which Chinese media publish news about corona ... changed

Those infected and died from corona virus known as 2019-nCoV has risen to 132 by today (29). All victims are Chinese nationals. The infection has spread to 18 countries including China and those infected from this virus by now reaches the number of 6062. 

According to the report released by the committee of epidemic diseases, the patients carrying main
symptoms of the sickness are fever which take a percentage of 98%, coughing (76%) and muscle pain and fatigue (44%). Symptoms such as headache and diarrhoea too are included in this category.It is reported that 50% have been subjected to difficulty in breathing. 

Already America, Germany and Canada have advised their travellers not to tour China. Director of World Health Organisation, Tedros Adhanom had gone to visit Chinese president and has conducted discussions as to what could be done in future about this. On that occasion he had said that he could get down foreign specialists to China from Europe and provide support for experiments. 

A 4th corona patient was reported from France yesterday (28) while 4 suspected of corona virus was reported from the African country of Ethiopia. In the meantime Chinese authorities have complained that news about the corona virus has been made to spread in a manner that causes unnecessary manner and as a result Western media has launched announcements bringing humiliation to China, it is reported. Under these circumstances it is reported that a censorship has been launched regarding unofficial news circulating about corona virus. China has prohibited social media such as facebook and Google YouTube in order to prevent Western powers meddling unnecessarily in information concerning China. As such, web sites which were daily updating matters about corona virus so far has from yesterday taken on a different look under this situation.

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