Some people try to create problems among us -- Chandralekha's daughter Shyami

 Some people try to create problems among us -- Chandralekha's daughter Shyami

Some people try to create problems among us -- Chandralekha's daughter Shyami

Eldest daughter of distinguished singer Chandralekha Perera, Shyami Nadeesha from the first marriage presently resides in Australia. She has given an interview to a newspaper recently mentioning that rumours circulating that there are misunderstandings between her and her mother are false. In the same way she had spoken high about Rukantha in the following manner:

* You are married ... what can you say about your family?
   I, my husband Susantha Kumarage and 3 children live in Melbourne. Eldest daughter Kavilekha
Kumarage is 10 years old; the second is Shenuli Kumarage aged 5 years and the third, my son, is just 3 months old.

* There's news that your mother (Chandralekha Perera) is coming to Melbourne next month.
   Yes ... the whole crowd will be coming on June 10th for the "Re sanda" show in Melbourne.

* When your mother comes to Melbourne will Shyami be meeting her?
   Ammi, uncle, younger sisters ... all of them stay at our home when they come to Melbourne.

* What do you Shyami feel about some incidents that took place in the past ... coming to a settlement like this?
   Some people think that we are against each other ... that we don't even talk to each other. Nothing like that has happened. Ammi spoke to me at least over the phone even from that time. When we came to a foreign land ... connections began to develop even more. Ammi spoke even when she was in America. When we went to Sri Lanka, ammi and uncle (Rukantha Gunatilleka) both came to see us. Without fail there is a show of Ammi and Rukantha uncle once every 2 years in Melbourne. When they come like that, it is with me that they stay. But some people think that we don't speak to each other.

* That's true ... most people in the country don't know about this story that you are talking about.
   That's why when I went to Sri Lanka in May last year and I made my younger sister (Rukantha and Chandralekha's daughter) to participate in the Rupavahini discussion to which I was invited. I wanted to show that members of our family have no misunderstanding and that we are closely-knit. Even if a song of mine or a photo of younger sister appears in a newspaper ... some people begin to make a 'comment' by reprimanding. They scold the younger sisters ... if not, they scold ammi. I then feel sad. I am not in those Facebooks. But when I see some 'comments' posted across my husband's Facebook I can't even make a comment. I, ammi, uncle and younger sisters ... we all feel sorry. A lot of people don't know the genuine situation about the peaceful life enjoyed by us as a family. Sometimes I publish a 'comment' in my husband's Facebook under my name that "no, there's no issue like that'.  But most people in the country are thinking that big problems that we faced those days in our family are still there.

* What is the attachment you have with Rukantha uncle and your mother's daughters?
   Younger sisters Raini and Vindy are attached to me from small days. That bond of brotherhood has not vanished as such even upto now. Though there were problems of parents those days, younger sisters were on speaking terms with me. It is to me that they would turn to whenever there's a problem. They would at least send me a message and keep me informed. I have a younger brother also. He's Yohan and is in Italy. Father also works in Italy.

* What kind of feeling do you get about the life ammi and Rukantha uncle is spending today?
   I actually feel so happy. Both of them are at the apex in the Sri Lankan music field. I am of the standpoint that it is good that we live happily as human beings. Ammi and uncle are leading a good family life. The two of them love each other very much. They are on a firm footing. They come to Melbourne once every two years. On such occasions, whenever they come, however much there are shows ... tickets for uncle's show happens to be sold out.

* Why is it that you who possesses a voice similar to that of Chandralekha ... keep away from singing?
   There's not many songs of mine. It was mostly ammi's songs that I sang at most shows in Sri Lanka. After that, I came to Melbourne. I studied for 3 years ... got children ... helped Susantha in his work. With a busy schedule like that I automatically kept away from singing. I have no regrets about it at all ... because I am not a singer as such.

* How do you view Rukantha uncle?
   He's a human being who has a sensitive heart. So dedicated to his faith. Uncle has noble qualities of even pardoning people who harm him. It's that, popularity comes in search of him and I can't remember him doing something for the sake of his popularity any day. Uncle is striving for development of the art of music. Fans of his who are aware of that rock round him in thousands and thousands.

Anura Horatius, from Australia (courtesy --  Lakbima)
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