Nadee Kammellaweera, wife of Kasun Kalhara who became Raigam Tele's Best Actress

 Nadee Kammellaweera, wife of Kasun Kalhara who became Raigam Tele's Best Actress

Nadee Kammellaweera, wife of Kasun Kalhara who became Raigam Tele's Best Actress

Most people are not aware much information about Nadee Kammellaweera who became the Best Actress for her acting in Bedde Kulawamiya at 2017 Raigam Tele's Award Ceremony which concluded sometime back. She happens to be the wife of well-known singer Kasun Kalhara. They have a son named Dhanu
Kalhara. Jayatilleka Kammellaweera, Nadee's father is a popular short story writer and person well-versed in literature. Nadee is a graduate of Colombo campus. She had been in Australia during the past period. Following is a description which she has given a newspaper:

Nadee, you are the Best Actress this time at Raigam Tele's Award Ceremony. What do you feel about it?
It's a nice feeling when you get an award. Happy ... having got it.

Isn't this the first time that you received an award for a tele performance?
Certainly yes. This is the first time. Before this I have acted in 3 Poya dramas. Those 3 dramas also were directed by Mr. Ananda Abeynayaka. That's as far as I have gone so far. The first documentary drama in which I took part is Bedde Kulawamiya.

As a summary ... apart from receiving an award for the first tele drama character you took part in, how do you view Bedde Kulawamiya from the eye of the audience? 
This is a drama which most members of the audience liked. I felt it from the response received. As characters, they are true characters living on this moving planet. A manuscript that spoke of the complexity of human relationships. The character Chanchala is a type of female from the street. She was someone who was born in a village remote area and who had an independent character and went beyond the stereo-typed traditions of that village and someone who wished to live the life that she desired the way she wants. She rejected the role of the traditional woman which society demanded from her. She wanted to live according to her conscience. I personally like Chanchala. She was not a character who covered herself with a false show-off; a genuine strong young girl. Actually, if I myself happens to be like that ... I like it very much.

In any case, though you received awards like this; you were not to be seen during the past period?
Sometime back I was in Australia. But a few months back I came here. Now I am here.

How does your life flow along now? From acting? Because you are not to be seen often.
I haven't done so much, no. I engage in acting. Last year I played a role in the film Paanshu of Visakya Chandrasekeram. For the future there isn't any work which I have specifically arranged as such. Will do as it comes.

Nadee ... how is life?
Life is alright. Too much work. Sometimes I feel like it's difficult. Sometimes it's really great!
Why don't you sing?
Isn't it those who can sing sing? Can't do things which I can't and lose the face.

Your father is a famous writer. Didn't you get a feeling of writing books etcetera?
That thought of course constantly comes to my mind. So far what I have done are translations. But I really like to write like my father. I am making a study on it. We'll see.

Nadee ... then you accept a role to act if you get a character that you like?
I don't have anything called a character that I like. But if I get a character which I think I can act well ... I won't think twice about it. If one gets characters which broadens out into a range where two contrasting characters have to be portrayed ... I think that female artiste is indeed lucky.
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