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Veddas who killed Nittewas? -- Vedda chieftain Vannila eththo replies

Veddas who killed Nittewas? -- Vedda chieftain Vannila eththo replies

Various news clips are appearing these days across social media about Nittewas being met in Sri Lanka. What one newspaper said was that Nittewas were found in Sri Lanka in the past and that it was the Vedda generation who killed them. 

In responding to it, Vedda chieftain, Vannila eththo replies saying that the story about Nittewas were gathered and that the indigenous people killed them was just a story and that it is limited only to words and that there is no evidence to confirm it. Our appila eththan have told me that our appila
eththan's grandparents and great great grandparents have met these Nittewas in the forest. But I or my appila eththan have met the Nittewas. Our rehe have upto now not heard any news about coming across these Nittewas. However, it is difficult to believe that Nittewas were gathered together when those going about in various villagers and were conducting observations have put them into a cave and set them on fire. They are not like mice, no to be collected and the other thing is if such a crowd was in this country ... not one or two ... there must be a crowd of them. They too should have a generation of theirs. So it is difficult to believe that all these Nittewas were collected"

Vedda chieftain Uruwarige Vannila eththo said, "there is a story that Nittewas were seen having met them in a forest in Rathugala Amparai in this decade. If that story is true I think that there may be some more in that generation called Nittewas", and that he thinks that there may be kekuliyo and kekulo of those people. Uruwarige Vannila eththo further mentioned that he cannot believe that this really is true because he could not see the Nittewas with his own eyes and that if at all he will be able to see the Nittewas with his own eyes one day he will tell the whole world ... "Here are the Nittewas". Uruwarige chieftain Vannila eththo also said that even if he happens to believe that Nittewas exist, he would not believe that until he he sees with his own two eyes in this decade. Our appala eththan should make up a story that Nittewas were put inside a cave  and that nd destroyed and that on any day his father was troubled by these Nittewas and that our people were killed and eaten and therefore these Nittewas were killed. But never was such a thing told by appila eththan and therefore he does not believe Nittewas on any day worried the indigenous people and thathe does not believe what is said by those who engage in investigations by going about in villagers. 

This story about the Nittewas is a well-known story and investigations have been conducted around the world about this. But no evidence has been found by them to confirm the nature of Nittewas; whether there are any markings of theirs. Only the story that Nittewas were gathered and were killed by indigenous people. Sri Lanka's Vedda chieftain world famous Uruwarige Vannila eththo said that that story too is limited only to words and that nothing could be proved. 

Information -- Chamil Rupasingha    

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