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Boy friend knocked against train, dies ... when trying to rescue girl friend's friend browsing facebook!

Boy friend knocked against train, dies ... when trying to rescue girl friend's friend browsing facebook!

A friend who noticed his schoolgirl friend browsing facebook and walking ahead on the rail-track about to be knocked down by train approaching from behind making an attempt to rescue her has resulted in both of them being knocked by the train and dieing on the spot. This tragic incident is reported from Nawalapitiya. 

Three youngsters had been going after attending a tuition class in Nawalapitiya town along the railway track when this has happened. The deceased boy's girl friend too has attended this class and is
supposed to be the best friend of the girl who died (Piyumi Bhagya), it has been revealed. All three of them had come to the tuition class in Nawalapitiya town and have been walking along the railway track chatting to each other. When Lalanga Harsha and his girl friend were walking together with their hands clasped, Piyumi Bhagya had been walking a few feet ahead browsing scenes on her mobile phone. In the process Lalanga had noticed the train coming from behind while his girl friend has   stepped away from the track. But Piyumi who was seriously involved on keeping her eyes glued to her phone has not got away from the track at that moment. Lalantha who noticed that the gap between the train and Piyumi was not much, instantly has made an attempt to grab her away from the impending disaster -- but the train was too fast for them and it has proceeded on its journey with Piyumi's body being severed in two leaving parts of the body on the railway tracks itself while the body of Lalantha has fallen on the track severing one of his legs in the process. Though those around had rocked to the scene had realised that the two victims were no longer among the living. However, by that time Lalantha's girl friend was in a shocked state and was admitted to Nawalapitiya Hospital.  

The two deceased are Piyumi Bhagya Sewwandi the 14 year old schoolgirl living in Imbulpitiya, Nawalapitiya and 16 year old Lalanga Harsha Kumara of Aluthgama, Dekinda. It was the weekend special train plying from Kandy to Ella which took their lives at Jayasundera area in Nawalapitiya.

Piyumi was attending a school in Nawalapitiya town in the 10th Year while Lalanga Harsha isto sit for the G.C.E. O/L examination this year. Nawalapitiya Police have started investigations and have recorded a statement from the train driver and he has said that these three had been walking along the railway track ahead of the train and when the train tooted its horn two of them had moved away from the track; but the student who walked ahead of them had been pressing something in her hand and was so engulfed in that act to the extent that she has failed to hear that sound and in the meantime almost instantly this boy has jumped towards this girl at which moment both of them had knocked against the train. Both bodies of the deceased are lying at Nawalapitiya Hospital and the post-mortem was held yesterday (3). 

- Madhawa Bandara- 

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