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Death sentence to Karate husband who killed his wife of two children ... after 17 years!

Death sentence to Karate husband who killed his wife of two children ... after 17 years!

A husband who was by profession a Karate advisor and who was charged in connection with the murder of his wife with two children by throttling her neck about 17 years before on January 31st, 2002 or on a nearby date has been sentenced to death by Homagama court last 7th, it was reported. 

Though an indictment was filed against a brother in law of accused named avindra Hemantha, because of the latter's demise, the case has proceeded against accused and the verdict was finally

On the day of the incident, the said woman was murdered by wrapping a handkerchief around her neck and subsequently hands and legs and neck of the corpse were folded and was deposited in a large travelling bag with two locks intact and was transported to Rakwana area, Ratnapura in the night in a rented out car; after which the dead body had been buried in a forest there. It was stated as evidence that the brother in law of the accused too has taken a hand in this activity. 

The body was found by Homagama police and during that period, the incident was flashed across the media in a big way. It was one Shriyani Wijerama, a mother of two who from Malapalla, Kottawa who had died in this instance. 

Her murder has been carried out in an organised manner and there is evidence to say that in order to kill her, a motor vehicle had been hired for a sum of Rs. 30,000 the previous day to transport the dead body. As this Karate advisor husband has had an illicit connection, in order to get married to her this murder has been carried out, it was told those days. 

The judge has told the accused to state whether there is any reason not to enforce the death penalty because this was a case of terrifying, brutal homicide and that the murder has been carried out with the motive of human slaughter in a manner that it would remain a mystery. At the moment the accused has responded saying that he has no hand in the murder. The high court judge finally issued the verdict that the murder was confirmed without any doubt from evidence secured and therefore it is only the death sentence that could be pronounced in the case of accused of this nature. 

Homagama high court judge, Mr. Amal Thillekeratna thus order the death penalty to Karate advisor and accused, Bandula Sudansiri Perera. State counsel, Mrs. Himali Jayaneththi appeared in courts on behalf of the petitioner while Mr. Pubudu Deshapriya appeared on behalf of the defence.  

- Jayasena Hathwella -   

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