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Dubai police who began interrogating Madush have by now extracted tons of information

Dubai police who began interrogating Madush have by now extracted tons of information 

Dubai security sources say that Dubai police are questioning Makandure Madush and his organised gang of criminals who are among the crowd who was taken into custody in Dubai. The news say that intelligence officers of special task force are involved in this operations and that an extensive degree of information of a special manner has been extracted.

It is reported of telephone recordings in possession of the offenders of the organised gang and to confirm whether they had been participants of narcotics for which blood sample activities have been
checked. It is also stated that charges of possessing duplicate passports, false visas, and heroin and also smoking heroin. Information about the birthday party has  been acquired from a narcotics racketeer from in Keselwaththa, Colombo, it is reported. In the process, it is also reported that two leading criminals who had come to attend the birthday party have made an escape when security forces have raided the hotel and that Dubai police are on their tracks to arrest them.

As Dubai security personnel have taken Madush and his gang into custody on charges of keeping narcotics in their possession, defrauding visas, passports and for having indulged in narcotics, it was reported. As there is no legal methodology of exchanging suspects or prisoners between Dubai and Sri Lanka,it is reported that government is focusing attention on getting down Madush and the crowd to this country on a diplomatic level.

It is further reported that in relevance to the same matter, foreign affairs ministry have made arrangements to launch discussions with authorities of foreign affairs of that country and co-operation of defence ministry too is expected. However, if a mediation on a diplomatic level is carried out, there also is a possibility of enforcing legal measures by getting down these suspects to this country on crime they were involved in, a senior police officer remarked.

- Indika Hewavitharana -   

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