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 Kangetta who robbed artifacts in museum ... missing
Kangetta who robbed artifacts in museum ...

Various parties were subjected to suspicion in the incident where ancient artifacts of the Colombo national museum were robbed by unauthorised entry about 6 years before in the year 2012, causing somewhat of an uproar. Finally, what the police said was that it was revealed that the culprit involved was one Lansage Priyantha Mendis alias 'Kangetta'. 

Whatever it is, what happened to Kangetta who was involved in such a robbery of a serious nature
has not been recorded from any quarter. He in fact was arrested by the CID in 2012 and was in remand for a period of 5 years and ultimately on orders of Colombo magistrate court he was released on a personal bond of five lakhs and thus bailed out on two sureties of Rs. 5 lakhs. Kangetta who is the first accused in this case of robbing artifacts in the museum had subsequently vanished and neither has he attended any court session after that. 

Under these circumstances, Mr. Ranga Dissanayaka, the Colombo chief magistrate yesterday (30) ordered that Kangetta be apprehended once more and be produced before court, issuing summons to that effect. Four persons, namely M.Ajith Kumara, R.P. Suranga Jayanath Jayakantha, N.P.D. Chandrasekera, K.A. Nilanthi Deshapriya, Estina Miliya Perera, J.A. Lagnadheerage Estina Milina had been taken into custody and they too have been released on bail. 

On the occasion when this case was called for hearing once again yesterday (30) in court, warrants were issued by the magistrate on Kangetta and the eighth suspect (J.A. Swadheerage Estina Milina) for evading in court. 

In this instance Criminal Investigation Department informed court that though over seven years has elapsed with the above extracts of the case record has been forwarded to the attorney general, no instructions have been received by attorney general as such. Further magisterial inquiry is to be called in relation to the incident under reference on 13th December.

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