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A/L Maths student abducted ... 
to prevent him from sitting for exam

A complaint has been lodged with police that a 19 year old schoolboy who was on his way to Matara St, Thomas' Boys College to sit for the G.C.E. advanced level examination which commenced these days had been forcibly abducted last morning (6) close to Matara Sirammudali Mawatha and had been whisked away in a three-wheeler by unknown elements and was later left stranded in Tangalle area. 

The victim in this instance is a schoolboy by the name of Manusha Samudith Kumarasingha (19). He
was to face the advanced level examination in the Maths stream and this aforesaid incident has taken place when he had been coming from his home to sit for the advanced level Compound Maths paper which commenced yesterday (6).

What the boy said was that a group of people with their faces masked had abducted him and on the way had put him into another vehicle and a few hours later had dropped him on the ground which location was Goviyapana area in Tangalle which he came to know after inquiring and had subsequently informed his parents and had come with them to police, he had told police. 

As a consequence of this the boy had not been able to sit for the Compound Maths subject paper of the advanced level examination on the first day. This boy had secured high marks at the scholarship examination and had passed the C.C.E. ordinary level examination with flying colours by getting eight A passes and a B pass. He had mentioned that during his studies for the advanced level he had even conducted private classes as a teacher. 

The student has even told police that in past April somebody had spoken to him over the phone and had asked him to stop his tuition classes and that he had not taken much notice about it. A special team of police officers had visited that particular spot in the company of this schoolboy last evening (6) and inspected CCTV cameras in the vicinity where he was supposed to have been kidnapped. The boy has been directed to Matara General Hospital for a medical examination. The boy is in the meantime presently getting prepared to sit for the forthcoming question papers. Matara police are conducting further investigations in this connection.   

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