Saranga -- Umali affair and media which makes a mountain of a molehill

 Saranga -- Umali affair and media which makes a mountain of a molehill

Saranga -- Umali affair and media which makes a mountain of a molehill

What circulates around some websites and social media these days as an interesting piece of news is that popular tele-actor and tele-actress duo Saranga Disasekera and Umali Tillekeratna's marriage has gone on the rocks. Misuse by some media coining various fictitious stores in relation to this topic and without proper evidence has been observed as resorting to an act of making a mountain of a molehill.

The Saranga -- Umali wedding took place exactly 3 years before this in the month of March 2014.
They had decided to have the wedding on a grand scale by having 3 functions while incidentally Umali happened to be the daughter of a well-known and affluent person connected to Sri Lanka's tea industry. Even during the period the wedding was conducted, Umali had been engaged in studies in Japan and even after marriage she had to attend educational activities there alone, most of the time.

Saranga on the other hand was a busy character as an announcer and actor and it was not surprising that the two of them during their numerous work schedules to stay at two locations. Umali's father even took pains to get down Saranga to Japan in March 2016 with the purpose of commemorating the second wedding anniversary. Both members of this couple who pinned faith on each other's capabilities within society being accepted as an innocent couple had thus advanced forward in life and on the other hand did not in the process try to grab any unnecessary media publicity either.

Saranga on a number of occasions has been fortunate enough to clinch the Best Actor award reserved for the position of the Most Popular Actor and Umali too had been present on most such instances being overjoyed and has further expressed her happiness over his success. Whatever it is, an argument has flared up between the two over a certain issue, as reported some months prior to this. This in fact happened to be an internal matter of friction which really was not connected to any external source as such. The problem however receding beyond limits, Umali has under these circumstances gone to her father in Japan with some displeasure in her mind. However It was the idea of both her family members and that of his family too that time will be a cure for this issue.

In the meantime , because of enquiries by friends on occasions where Saranga used to attend birthday parties etcetera, in the absence of Umali showed up continuously, rumours began to rear its head to the effect that there is some friction between Saranga and Umali. This piece of news has been confirmed by fictitious stories being associated with squirrels and closest of friends that the news has been understood by certain websites and social media.

Saranga these days is preparing for a concert in Australia. The said fiction-writers have made an attempt to involve Dinakshi in that group with the motive of coupling the two in the process and for the reason Shalani and Saranga happen to be lovers in a tele-drama so that they too could be coupled for this purpose. Saranga who was heartbroken because of these fictitious stories has expressed his displeasure across his Facebook Page.

The domestic problem between Saranga and Umali would be settled by the two of them. Everything would be settled as time passes. Published below is a collection of Saranga -- Umali wedding

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