I am also a married person ... home people were against this. But I love Victor -- Hashini Amendra speaks out

 I am also a married person ... home people were against this. But I love Victor -- Hashini Amendra speaks out

I am also a married person ... home people were against this. But I love Victor -- Hashini Amendra speaks out

Hashini Amendra the new wife of Victor who kept mum upto now has expressed her ideas to a weekend newspaper about the issue of Victor Ratnayaka's sons protesting against his new marriage which incidentally created an uproar throughout last week creating news in relation to this topic.

Hashini who presently resides in Victor's house in Oruwala has told the newspaper thus: "The affair between the two of us was there for quite sometime. The story that we got married recently is true. The marriage in fact was hastened because of the opposition of Victor Ratnayaka's children. My
hometown is Kandewatta, Galle. Those days I worked as an officer of People's Bank. I was married earlier. After a short period of time I had to give up that marriage. It was as a fan that I first came to know Victor Sir. After sometime our hearts became enveloped in love ... gradually. Even my parents strongly opposed this marriage. But we stood undaunted. I love him and he too loves me. Though there is a big age gap between the two of us, it's no hindrance to love and marriage. We have an understanding and we love each other.

In the former era we were united as a family. I have only 2 elder sisters. When the connection was sniffed by home-people, they strongly opposed this. Our affair is about 6 years now. My mother has said that I liked Victor's songs from my childhood. I am 31 and Victor is 75 years old. But I don't feel a thing about the age difference ... we are so much attached to each other.

At the start I developed a devotion and respect for him. I studied Western music. I love local music also. I got attached to Victor even without feeling it myself and that turned into a love. Though everybody was against us we remained steadfast. Now we're happily married. Just as much as those who opposed our union, there are others who wished us and blessed us in a friendly way too. Since I associated Victor for a long time, I know very well how much of a sensitive character he is. This association may have been a bond in Samsara ... that's why we got so close to each other like this. Not only in Sri Lanka and not only those connected to the Arts in other countries as well and as those who have a big age gap; they have embraced themselves in love. We enjoy life so happily. Getting a person like him, I consider as something fortunate thing in my life. The other thing is that it's more than 13 years since Victor lost his wife. Necessities and wants of his children have been fulfilled no. So what I think is that nobody has an issue to talk about. The feelings I have about Victor is love, respect and devotion ... if I say it's a mixture of everything ... it'll be correct. I look after him well.

* When you think of your future ... do you think that the decision to marry Victor is correct?
   More than my future ... I think of his well being. It's a great delight for me to care for him. It's with dedication that I do those things. Though he doesn't frequent temples all the time, I like his religious activities a lot. Buddhist philosophy is embedded  in his heart. Whatever anybody says, we live with understanding and love.

* You encounter this many obstacles and conflicts because of this unconventional love, is it so?
   Conflicts, obstacles are plenty in romance. Of course there isn't a legal taboo for us to unite no. If thoughts, ideas are similar; if there's no conflict between the two of us ... love can be victorious.

* It was not stated in the 'Daiva rekhawa' that Victor would marry again. Was this mentioned in the horoscope at least?
   I can remember ... sometime back we went to Bambalapitiya to consult an Astrologer who came from India. That also we went at my own request. He explained everything to us from a CD. It was said in that the best period of Victor's life such as the most relaxing, enjoyable period would dawn after his 70th year. This prediction was made by a fortune teller who examined Victor's palm. That has come true by now.

We didn't tell anything to the media as such. Victor also doesn't like to talk about these things. This is our preference. Some media publish various things with the idea of slinging mud  and tell so many things. Marriage is a personal decision taken according to an understanding between two people.

Discussion: Nisham Herath Bannehe (Silumina)

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