Pushpika speaks about her 'Jaguar bridegroom'

Pushpika speaks about her 'Jaguar bridegroom'

Pushpika speaks about her 'Jaguar bridegroom'

Pushpika de Silva who won the crown as Miss Sri Lanka in the year 2011 got married recently. The bridegroom who took her hand is one Thilanka who earlier served as a pilot and is now conducting a car sale. Pushpika who made Polonnaruwa her home-place is presently engaged as a model. Photographs where she had placed her hand on top of her bridegroom's hand on top of a steering wheel inside a Jaguar type of car provoked comments from
readers. Pushpika has revealed about her lover to the weekend Mawbima newspaper in the following manner:

"The difference that took place in my life is getting engaged. He's Thilanka Dabare. It was as a pilot that he served .... but now he's engaged in a business of importing vehicles. It's about one year since I came to know Thilanka. It was at a party that we met. Before this I had been in love. But as a person whom I have met in my life, Thilanka is someone who loves me a lot. When I began associating him I began to realise that he really loves me. Where duties are concerned Thilanka protects me as a father would protect a daughter. Therefore I thought that Thilanka is the most suitable person for me. During that short period of time the number of good qualities I noticed in Thilanka were so many. It is the time factor that is a vital thing to get to know each other. Even if we associate a person until we die ... it's not possible to understand the person. Everything rests on the mutual trust one has for each other. If we think positively ... we get a positive result. So I also trust Thilanka in a positive way. I believe that it's possible to move forward with qualities of appreciation, dedication and the carrying out of duties.

Actually Thilanka has had a childhood dream of marrying a Miss Sri Lanka. Parents of course give room for children to achieve there desires no. As such they gave their consent to me. It was with the blessings of the parents that we got engaged. As an ambassador who represented a country, Thilanka respected me. But he said that activities of modelling would have to be abandoned after marriage. In any case I engaged in modelling not as a profession. So because of that I also thought of carrying out the responsibilities of my husband and children. I am the youngest in the family. I saw how the duties were carried out towards my mother and father .... how my elder sisters did their duty. Because of that I can carry out responsibilities of married life without even committing a small mistake.

Even from that time I thought that it would be better to win everybody's heart and live separately after marriage. That'll be good for everyone's cordiality. Then we'd be provided with the strength to build our lives alone. My first objective was to become a Miss Sri Lanka. I achieved that target. My second target is to spend a good married life .... to be a good wife .. mother. It was with that target in mind that I made this start.

We'll be having a wedding festival. We were thinking of having the wedding celebrations in the month of December. But because it's not possible to book the hotel the wedding celebrations was postponed for a few days.

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