Police complain against 'Dadayam batta Soya meat' advertisement ....

Police complain against 'Dadayam batta Soya meat' advertisement .... for having defamed goodwill of police

Police complain against 'Dadayam batta Soya meat' advertisement .... for having defamed goodwill of police

What can be observed by a certain commercial advertisement being broadcast across Rupavahini
channels these days is the manner in which two actors engaged as jokers dressed in police uniform of the Sri Lanka Police Department are conducting a raid on a house for illicit game hunters. Their attempt to cordon the householders misfire in the end because what actually they were partaking in was in fact not illicit game but a type of soya meat flavoured as illicit game.

What Police Media Spokesman Ruwan Gunasekera mentioned yesterday was that this commercial had been produced in a fashion which brings harm upon the goodwill of the Police Department. It is his opinion that the manner in which the police comport themselves and how the soya meat is being eaten in such a gluttonous manner creates a wrong impression. It has been notified that the Police Media Spokesman, Assistant Superintendent of Police Mr. Ruwan Gunasekera had lodged a complaint yesterday with Fort Police against the said commercial as well as the two individuals portraying the role of the police.

According to clause 84 of the Police Ordinance if any activity whatsoever is carried out by utilising the police official uniform or any similar dress and though the approval of the Inspector Genera of Police as well as that of the Secretary of the Ministry of Law and Order has to be obtained; no such approval has been obtained in this creation of the commercial and that if any person has been found guilty of this offence, it is possible to order a sentence of punishment in jail for a period of 2 months, the Media Spokesman has announced.

The commercial of 'Dayam batta and soya meat' of Lakshmi Company which gave rise to this controversy, from below