Jewellery in the car was lost because of a ....

Jewellery in the car was lost because of a ....  word that elder sister said  - Sanoja

Jewellery in the car was lost because of a ....

word that elder sister said

- Sanoja

Jewellery amounting to the value of about 45 lakhs belonging to well-known actress Sanoja Bibile had been robbed by somebody when she happened to attend a funeral recently. This mishap had taken place on
the occasion when she, her sister and the father were on their way to attend the funeral of Late actress Damitha Saluwadana. They had noticed the robbery when they had got down from the vehicle and had once again come back to the vehicle having finished participating at the event.

What Sanoja says is that this robbery may have taken place because those around had overheard a certain word mentioned by her sister which was uttered at the moment they had alighted from the vehicle. She talks about this as follows: "Last Sunday having got ready to go for Damitha Saluwadana's final rites activities I happened to almost forcibly called appachchi and elder sister. Our elder sister took with her the gold articles in the house, money, bank books, the mobile phone and things of value. When we reached the funeral house the time was around 2.45. When elder sister was getting down from the car she said that the gold items are in the car. At that time I didn't take much notice of it. Since what was on my mind was going for the funeral ... I happened to make a passing remark, "the car is locked no". We went for the funeral and it was at about 4.30 that we came out. After coming out what we saw was that the rear window of the car was broken and everything inside had been looted. This couldn't have been done by someone known to us. Nobody knows that we used to carry gold articles wherever we went. What I think is that someone there would have heard the words what elder sister said after getting out. The other thing is, there were about four or five unknown people around the place there. We lodged an entry with Piliyandala Police. They are inquiring about this with great effort and dedication. Actually I am very proud about the police. Now we are anxiously waiting to receive some news from the police. If there's a god above ... we should get the gold articles".

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