Italian girl whom singer Chinthy married on the sly

Italian girl whom singer Chinthy married on the sly

Italian girl whom singer Chinthy married on the sly

We got news that Chinthy Fernando got secretly married without anybody's notice. Chinthy had in
fact got married last year about 4 months ago in the month of October. It is also a suspicious fact as to why he kept the wedding a secret. This is how he exposed to the media as to who his wife is, in the following manner. 

* You are supposed to have got married in secret?
There's no such thing. Only family members attended our wedding. The wedding occasion was held at the church according to our religion.

* Why was this not told to anyone?
If we were to say ... there are so many friends. Actually can't limit it to a certain number as such. Because of that we didn't tell anybody.

* Is this also a love story?
Italian girl whom singer Chinthy married on the sly


* Why did you keep this a secret so long after marrying?
When the media asked me .... I said that I have a girl. I told that I'll tell in the future no. So now .... this is the time I leak this out.

* Was there any other special reason not to bring her before the media?
There's no such thing. We planned to get married this year. In the end we got married somehow or other last year. This is my private life. I don't like to bring it out too much to the media. Because I am involved in music .... I have come before the public that way also no. A lot of chaps got surprised ... for not taking a grand wedding. I am so lucky to get a wife like this.

* Shall we talk some details about her also?

Her name is Edna Maria. She was born and bred in Italy ..... but a Sri Lankan girl. She has her mother, father and elder brother in her family.

* How old is this romance?
It's about 2 years since we came to know each other. She's a fan of mine. After that she turned into a very good friend of mine. Finally she became my fiancee and then my wife.

* Her profession?
She's a dress designer.

* What is the most outstanding feature you see in her?

* So finally you married a fan .... didn't you?
Definitely. She's a close fan of mine. In the same way she gives me a wonderful support.

* Is this your first love story?
Certainly so. Maria is my first love story.

* Where was Chinthy seen by you first of all?
It was at a musical show in Chilaw.

* What did you think about him that day?
I am a good fan of his. I felt a big liking to him.

* That day .... did you ever think that you would one day become his wife?
No ... I never thought so. But as a fan of his .... I had a great desire to talk to him.

*Who is it that brought forward the proposal of love?

* Did you jump at the idea straight away?

* Did you have a good faith on him?
We got to know each other for a short time as friends. At that time I felt that he has good qualities. I like him not because he was a singer. He lived a down-to-earth existence in the most realistic manner. I like that.

*How do you feel about his popularity?
However much he's popular .... he's my husband no. More than his popularity .... his love for me, I value.

*Aren't you against Chinthy going for shows alone?
Certainly yes .... No problem at all.

* Did you think that you got the person you were looking for?
  Yes .... I got the person I looked for.

* When Chinthy brought forward the proposal what did you feel?
  I couldn't believe whether it was for true .... that he was asking this.

Photos -- Sithumina Fernando
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