Sri Lankan wife charged with murder of doctor-husband in Australia -Updates

Suspicion that wife murdered doctor ..... with hammer-blow

By now it has been revealed that the death of Sri Lankan doctor Dinendra Atukorala who was brutally murdered in Geraldine last week in West Australia was so killed by the blow of a hammer. The Australian Police have taken action against the deceased's wife, Dr. Chamari Rasika Denuwantha Gunatillaka Liyanage for having murdered her husband after having taken into
consideration the manner in which the death was reported and clues received to the effect that the couple were having several conflicts in the past.

The police arrived at the scene of the incident after they were informed by the wife one evening having called the Emergency Unit that the husband in the house who succumbed to an accident and they had found on examination the doctor sprawled across the floor. A hammer had been discovered by the side of the bdy and the police suspect that he had thus fallen down after receiving a blow from the hammer. When inquiring as to what had happened, the doctor-wife had remarked that she knows nothing.

The police reported that when 34 year old Dr. Atukorala was taken to hospital after being found injured in his home in Geraldine on June 24th, he was found already dead.

Though the police said that the neighbourhood testified that conflicts had occured between the two; on later inquiries, no evidence had been reported in the form of conflicts on the day of the incident.

What intimate Sri Lankan friends of the couple say is that the two of them had spent the time with each other in a very amicable manner and that they were known to be a loving couple. They however do not believe that there were any misunderstandings between the two of them.

The deceased Dinendra Atukorala is an Old Boy of St. Joseph's College, Anuradhapura while his father was a retired Principal of the same school.

Dinendra had passed his G.C.E. O/Ls with 8 distinctions and even secured 4 distinctions in all 4 subjects at the A/L examination. Subsequently he had obtained the Degree in Medicine from the University of Peradeniya.

While Dr. Dinendra had worked as the Resident Doctor at Geraldine Hospital in the town of Perth for a period of about an year, it was said that he was considered a popular doctor at the Medical Centre.

The doctor-wife is still in remand custody on suspicion of this incident and the next hearing is scheduled for the month of July.

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