The reason how Sathish passed away so early in life:

The father of Sathish Perera, famous and renowned musician Shelton Perera died at the age of 49 years. Today Sathish would be going on his last journey. About his death various persons have aired different views. The real story as quipped by his mother and wife are appended below.
Sathish at the time of his demise was only 42 years old and father of an infant son only 9 months old. Did he die from a decease diagnosed only 1 ½ months ago? Then what is this decease? The disease was diagnosed as ’Leukaemia’.
When his disease was diagnosed by Physicians his mother and wife had made valiant efforts to save his life by giving the best possible medical treatment.
During the past 1 ½ moths he had been treated at the Oasis hospital at Narahenpita. The family had spent an enormous amount of money for medical treatment at this hospital. Sathish is the brother of singer and radio presenter Anuradha Perera.
Sathish’s mother is a lady of Indian origin. Her name is Shashi Perera. .When questioned about his decease and death she had to say this.
“Initially a small ‘boil’ had formed on the upper part of one his legs. As it had not healed for some time they had consulted a physician. After investigations the Doctors had diagnosed his decease as ‘leukaemia’.
Sathish had said it cannot be and we should take a second opinion about the diagnosis. However they have admitted him to hospital for treatment for which an enormous amount had been spent Each day his condition had worsened with more and more ‘boils’ forming and emerging on his entire body. During the latter stages the ‘boils’ have emerged into the lungs causing breathing difficulties and hence he had been in the Intensive Care Unit of the Oasis hospital.
While in the ICU also he had spoken without a problem. Until his last moments he never thought he would die. However he left all of us so quickly and in a hurry. He has one brother and two sisters. In his home he lived with his mother, wife and the 9 month old infant son. Before his death he had told her, mother I will never leave you and go. I will always be with you. But he left us quipped his mother.”
Sathish was born in the year 1969.he always wanted to keep his father’s name popular by singing his songs in the same manner. He was a student at Ananda College, Colombo
Now he has left his wife Dinesha, infant son Akshitha and mother all alone. What his wife Dinesha had to say was:
“Once this disease was diagnosed Doctors had told to tell him without hiding. Sathish had said he cannot believe it. He had wanted to take a second opinion from  other Physicians. When was been treated at the hospital his intention was to return home for the New Year. We all thought he would recover through medication. Once his lungs were affected he was finding difficult to breath and before long he passed away.”
The remains of Sathish Perera is now lying at his residence at Thalawathugoda and would be removed to the Art Gallery for his fans and people to pay their last respects before his cremation due to take place in the evening at Kanatte.
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