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When head is found near Bolgoda ...  a trunk of body found from Elpitiya!

When head is found near Bolgoda ...
a trunk of body found from Elpitiya!

The head of a woman apparently of a foreigner was found in a by-lane close to Bolgoda Bridge, Bandaragama yesterday while a trunk of a body presumably akin to a large extent to the head found was found Embilipitiya, Sevanagala, Kiri ibban Wewa, it is reported.

Police investigations have commenced to ascertain whether this head and part of the trunk belongs to the same woman. It was last evening that police recovered the head and the trunk minus its feet at Embilipitiya, Sevanagala, Kiri ibban Wewa. The head detached from the trunk supposed to be
belonging to either a Chinese or Thai woman was recovered at a road close to Bolgoda Bridge, Bandaragama last morning. There were signs to say that the victim was murdered a few days previously and had been brought and dumped at that location.

According to a call received by police emergency unit that a person going to work had seen a monitor trying to drag a human head, the police had arrived on the scene and on inspection, this head was found. The police who examined the head noticed that the odour of a chemical emanated from the head. Some person or persons who had killed this woman had applied a chemical on the dead body in order to prevent the foul odour emanating from the corpse and had thrown it here, police assume. Police believe that the female trunk found from Kiri ibban wewa, Sevanagala, Embilipitiya too could be suspected as belonging to a foreign woman and if it is confirmed that there is a connection with the head found earlier; they believe that investigations in this regard would be drawn towards a different direction.

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