Damitha reveals her boyfriend Johnson

Here is my lover ... Johnson-- 
Damitha Abeyratna Reveals future husband

Though news spread around from time to time that Damitha Abeyratna was going to marry ... it was a case of delay. This time it sure is going to materialize.

Wedding bells will be ringing for Damitha in June this year and it would be to her Dubai lover and
now Damitha has finally made a decision to introduce her lover to the media and it is in the following manner that she talks about this Damitha - Johnson wedding:
                                                "His name is Lendy Johnson and his mother is A Sinhalese while the father is a Tamil. He is a Catholic. It's 10 years until last January since our affair began.. It was in Dubai that we first met and at that time he was working there. It was when I went for a musical show there that I met him.

Actually we only had a friendship in the beginning. We associated with each other closely and during that time we understood each other. We became lovers even without each other realizing it.

I had a love affair earlier ... but he got married to another to please his parents and now he has children. But we are not angry with each other ... he even speaks to me on the phone and inquires about how I am getting along.

It was to Malini akka that I first of all spilt the beans about our present connection and she advised me like a mother. I know that I am late ... but getting late is not a reason to regret. Johnson's father and mother are both not among the living. His sister and relations gave consent to our marriage. When they spoke to our mother ... she too gave a positive response.

When the two of us met, he had not even seen a tele-drama of mine. It wasn't because I was an actress that he got friendly with me. Neither did I love him because of his money. Though earlier he had money ... he lost all that by trying to help one of his best friends. Even then it was I who was by his side in his happiness and sorrow.

Earlier I loved ca person who was very handsome-looking. It was with true intentions of marriage in mind that I loved him ... but that dream faded away. Now I think that it's good that it happened like that ... because it's only now that luck has come my way. Some people wove false stories and tried to separate Johnson from me ... it was people from this field itself who did that. But he's not a person who gets upset like that. He had in fact thanked those who spread rumours and had said that no wrong has been done to him after he started associating me.

If both love each other, nobody can do anything. I won't goodbye to acting just because I get married. It's towards next June that we have planned the wedding.

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