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"We will raise our hand to defeat the conspiracy" -- what JVP leader Anura Kumara now says

"We will raise our hand to defeat the conspiracy" -- what JVP leader Anura Kumara now says

With reference to the prevailing conditions in the political environment, much attention of the public has been focused on the manner in which Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna comport themselves these days. Though ideas that they were on a neutral footing in parliament, they are observed as engaging in several forms of behavioural attitudes quite recently.

JVP has made a visit to meet Tamil National Alliance, Mr. Sambandan of the Opposition and it looks that the latter's new stand that conspirators should be defeated has become valid in the case of the JVP too. The following opinions were expressed by Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna leader parliament member Anura Kumara Dissanayaka at a news discussion held yesterday:

"Mahinda Rajapaksa and Maithripala Sirisena seem to give the impression that governments could be established through privileges and by giving black money etcetera. Therefore that conspiracy should be defeated. We call upon the Speaker to hasten in summoning parliament because a majority of members of parliament have requested the Speaker to summon parliament. The conspiracy to delay parliament which is a part of the conspiracy is acquiring power. Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna at any possible opportunity would go into action to defeat this political conspiracy. This political conspiracy should be defeated both within the parliament as well as outside too. Seminars to make the public be aware of this would be held in 4 major towns of this country on 9th of this month. A wide-scaled discussion would commence by gathering civil organisations, intelligenzia and professionals in Colombo on 12th.

We tell the Speaker not to delay parliament. It is because the Speaker has not been informed about parliament being postponed. In the same way, the gazette has been released without the knowledge of the Speaker as to the specific date when the parliament would convene once more. Even by now a special announcement has been released by the Speaker to the effect that new changes will not be accepted and that till parliament is  summoned he accepts the previous designations of the politicians. Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna acknowledges this decision of the Speaker as a very satisfactory decision  and the Speaker is commended on that decision.

In the same way, if a vote is taken protesting against appointments made contrary to the constitution, the JVP would give their support. If a new budget proposal is presented by the new government, action will be taken to defeat it and it is because it is not a budget of a long-standing economic vision but a slipshod something to confirm powers which has been claimed across a conspiracy. Therefore what we once again appeal to the Speaker is to call parliament according to his standing.

Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna is a political party which has faced battering having lost the privilege of democracy. At the same time, we area political party which has sacrificed a large number of lives because of losing democratic rights. Therefore, all measures would be taken to defeat threats targetted at democracy in the country and to protect democracy at all costs".

Replying to questions posed by journalists, this is his response:
question: Will an opportunity to dissolve parliament arise with this?

reply: What happens if government loses the budget is the emergence of a new government that develops a group which shows the majority. Parliament will not be dissolved with losing of the budget. Dissolution of parliament will take place when the time period draws to a close or after the elapse of four and a half years. Only when parliament is dissolved with powers acquired by President or a 2/3rd passing the proposals.

Q: The JVP makes a strong criticism that MPs are sold for black money?
R: The culture of making governments with black money by buying over MPs with black money happened earlier too. It is not possible to stop establishing governments by clauses of the constitution alone. It is the public who cast their vote who should decide whether they should vote anymore for MPs who are sold. If the representative who is voted by them happens to stand against after the election ... it is they whom the people should defeat.

President Chandrika Bandaranaike dissolved parliament in 2014 according to provisions stated in the constitution at that time. On that occasion, after one year passed in parliament, the President had powers available by the constitution to dissolve parliament. According to that moment it was in accordance with the constitution. But after the 19th amendment was passed, the President had no power to dissolve parliament at any time. According to the 19th amendment the President could dissolve parliament after four and a half years.

Q: If MPs are being sold for money ... isn't it a case of kicking people's rights?
R: The President throws aside the sixty two lakhs of votes and jumps to the other side. As a result a situation has come where Presidents are sold in Sri Lanka. If Presidents are sold ... what talks about MPs being sold! Therefore, there is a host of lessons that must be taught to to the masses about this present politics in operation.

There are three powers to be focused upon as constitutional power of the country, judicial power and President's administrative powers. But what has happened now is the President has put his hand into the Speaker's constitutional powers. The President has no right for that. That power of the President is a distorted condition. It was to evade that distorted situation that the 20th amendment was proposed. Through that ... powers to postpone parliament without reason is suggested. In the same way the 20th amendment has been proposed to prevent MPs changing over.

Q: Didn't some countries expressed their opinions about the situation that took place?
R: Western countries keep influencing our country at various times. It is rulers of our country who pave the way for foreign countries to mediate. In instances where democracy within the country is violated and human rights are violated, western  foreign countries put their hands in. What has happened now is that. Foreign countries have been invited by welcoming them by laying red carpets.

Q: What is the stand of the JVP in relation to an election in future?
R: It is not justified to call for a vote after the President forcibly builds a government and uses that government powers and also makes use of powers of the media. Therefore, first of all the government established forcibly should be defeated. Subsequently, a justified environment should be instituted to hold an election. An election developed by force will not be a justified election.

- Anuradha Herath -   

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