Biden's staff consists of 20 Indians

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Biden's staff consists of 20 Indians

Joe Biden, who will be the new President of the United States today (January 20), has appointed and nominated 20 officials of Indian descent to run his administration more successfully, according to foreign media. Of these, 13 are women. Biden has nominated 50-year-old Nira Tandon of Indian descent for his position as director of office management and budgeting at the White House. Born to two immigrant parents from India to the United States, she is the CEO of the Center for American Prosperity. Vanitha Gupta, 45, has been named Assistant Attorney General of the Judiciary. She is also the first non-white woman to be appointed to the post. Born in the Indian state of Karnataka, Vivek Murthy has been named head of Trump's Public Health Services Commission.

Lady Biden has been appointed Director of Policy by the Indian National Series. Sabrina Singh, 32, has been appointed Deputy Media Secretary to the First Lady. Aisha Shah has also been appointed as the Partnership Manager for the White House Digital Strategy Office. Bharath Ramamurthy has been nominated for the post of Deputy Director of the U.S. National Economic Council at the White House. Born in India, Gautam Rasavan is to be appointed Deputy Director of the President's Personal Staff. He also held that position in the Obama administration. Another Indian, Vinay Reddy, has been appointed director of Biden's story writing division. Gujarat-born Vedant Patel has been appointed as the President's Assistant Media Secretary. Also, husbands Chabira, Sumona Guha, Shanthi Kalathil, Sonia Azrawal, Vidur Sharma, Neha Gupta and Rima Shah are other Indo - Americans appointed and nominated under Biden's new administration. Meanwhile, Biden's Vice President-elect Kamala Harris is also a U.S. citizen of Indian descent.