"Stop false talks" -- A statement from Champika Ranawaka's divorced wife and daughter

"Stop false talks" -- A statement from Champika Ranawaka's divorced wife and daughter

"Stop false talks" -- A statement from Champika Ranawaka's divorced wife and daughter

A revelation was made some years back from a letter published in the internet about the private life of former minister Patali Champika Ranawaka to the effect that he was a person with abnormal sexual behaviour and was someone who made his wife and daughter suffer and that he
wished to advance in politics having maintained illicit affairs. This letter which was written by the pseudonym 'Chandana' was created in a style that brings out a feeling of some mystery and it was
published in the website Lanka e-News during the Mahinda regime. After a few months later a correspondent of that website, Ekneligoda disappeared and a rumour scattered around that the above-mentioned letter was written by Ekneligoda and that his disappearance and the letter concerned has some connection. Whatever it is, the editor of that website as well as the disappeared person's wife, Sandya Ekneligoda had expressed that it was not Ekneligoda who wrote that letter.

Further, a rumour spread around that Champika Ranawaka's wife was not to be seen in any instance whenever he appeared in public and that there is some issue concerning his domestic life. In the meantime, it was Champika's daughter Madasmitha Ranawaka of Visakha College, Colombo who came 3rd in Sri Lanka at the GCE ordinary level in 2013. When she came to receive her gift from president Mahinda's hand, Champika was present on that occasion to represent her parents. 

During the recent past with Champika Ranawaka being taken into custody accompanied with opposition ideas scattering around the social media ... the  letter has come to the stage and it was exchanged in the internet. In the same way, it was reported that recent YouTube channels which had no understanding of going through and check anything about that letter have begun to present several matters stated in it in an alluring madanner. In the process major Ajith Prasanna had being holding media discussions and directed them to the electronic media as those are true facts. 

As a consequence of this reporting, Champika's wife and two daughters have been thoroughly put into inconvenience. Not being able to refrain from talking about it, Champika's divorced wife has released a video yesterday and explained about this and it has been forwarded with a comment in facebook by Champika's youngest daughter.

This is what Champika Ranawaka, hiw divorced wife Renuka Damayanthi Fernando says: "I got married to Patali Champika Ranawaka. Recently after he was taken into custody ... a video which subjects our family to insult is being broadcast. even before this such things took place on a number of occasions. But we did were not much concerned about those things. As time passed by it was not necessary to talk about it. This then has caused great damage to both my children as well as my husband. This is a big blow on educational activities of my children and our normal life. None of what is said is true. It is true that I and Champika studied in the same school. We got married. We have two children. We spent a good family life with those two children. But because of small conflicts we divorced. Even though we divorced like that ... both I and Champika participated in all activities of the family and that of Champika's family. In issues concerning the children, me, in the case of a sickness we stayed together. He in fact is a good friend of mine ... I respect him. In the same way, even at the time I met him I came to know him in childhood, in 1976 I really came to understand him. I realised it. Even from that time politics was in his blood. When we got married .. he clearly explained it to me ... first the country, second .. mother and that the third place would be given to me. On that agreement we married. 

We got good children. We brought them up to the best of our ability. Because of the intelligence he possessed and my abilities both the children were clever. We always wanted to become a sort of handrail to be productive for the country on the path that Champika was treading. In that connection I, our children, my kith and kin and Champika's relatives made a lot of sacrifices on his behalf. 

During this process with Champika being taken into custody ... that video was published across internet by that person called Ajith Prasanna and when that was broadcast .. I thought that it's enough that I kept holding myself back. None of those things in that video are true and Champika is neither an inhuman person like that. He is a strange complex character. He is clever at drawing, music and is an eloquent speaker. He possesses mental qualities that go hand in hand with those. We totally reject those dirty inhuman activities he is supposed to possess or motivate us for such things or that teachers in schools were told by using my children as scapegoats. If such things did happen ... such things must be proved. I have even not seen those people. I have no necessity to meet them either. Neither did I meet them. I have a large number of duties to be carried out on behalf of my children. 

Champika as a person who is dedicated to politics full-time ... I have a big responsibility over my children on my hands. With children's affairs, I am a woman who looked at life in the normal way. My children also was brought up that way. We are characters who put our feet on the ground and lived that way. I will not be moved by what people say. But I can't bear this up anymore .. because both our children are young daughters ... it is not good for them. 

In the same way, when thinking about what Champika has been doing so far for the country, he just can't be smashed up and I can't keep silent with these things. That is the reason why I make this statement. I do not know the mentality of these people who make allegations. That person also could be a father ... they or he should be having children. As a father who has children ... I really am sorry to find him addressing the media that way. I, my children or Champika have not harassed anyone. We are a normal family who lived a normal life. What Champika also told me was to bring up the two children in the normal way". The comment Champika Ranawaka's daughter included in the facebook page, from below       

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