Background story that runs behind incident of wife who came to Kegalle court dying from husband's stabbing

Background story that runs behind incident of wife who came to Kegalle court dying from husband's stabbing

Background story that runs behind incident of wife who came to Kegalle court dying from husband's stabbing

An incident is reported where a woman who came to Kegalle court to appear for a court case yesterday (17) was stabbed to death by a person supposed to be her husband. 

The deceased woman is a mother of two children living in Rambukkana. The supposed suspect-husband was taken into custody that very same day. The two police sergeants who had been posted at
court premises on that occasion were suspended from their duties this morning. The background story to this incident is as follows:

This woman had been employed overseas. After coming down to this country she had come to know of a young man attached to the forces by the name of Pradeep and that was through a friend of hers. That know how became a romance and culminated in marriage after a short time. A male takes a female's hand in marriage and starts building a new nest with a thousand and one hopes. This couple too had those hopes which all others had. Thus, after marriage the two of them had come to the young man's home in Diwela area, Kegalle and laid the foundation for this new life ... dreaming about a charming small baby. 

Days turned into weeks. Signs were observed of Shyamalee Priyangika becoming a mother. A flower blossomed on young man R.P. Jagath Pradeep Gunasekera's head. He was affiliated to the sixth engineers battalion of Sri Lanka armed forces and everytime Pradeep left home for duties, he went with a load of sadness hidden in his heart. For Shyamali too it was not different either. 

When beautiful news about conception reached Pradeep's ears, he sensed that being separated was something unbearable. But both of them realised how cruel fate is only when the embryo developing in the womb ended up in miscarriage. Time passed and those bitter memories faded away when she conceived again. But this second time it once again ended up in miscarriage. Everything happens to human beings and of course on this occasion the tragedy created such an impact that they could shout out and cry. As time passed by creating a realisation that this then was the dark side to life. 

In any case Shyamalee conceived the third time as a healthy mother. Her emotions were beyond her control when she set her eyes on the cute little one. Likewise Pradeep too experienced no joy like that day ever before. It was a baby boy. He was named Chalidu Oshitha after selecting from many other names and after both of them deciding that the chosen name was good. Then another child came to the scene after six years. Because of these two children, joy and happiness in the home increased two or three times more. 

In the meantime some domestic conflicts began to peep through the door once and again. Almost exactly after four years the two of them met each other and entered into marriage these domestic conflicts reached its apex unknown to both of them. The reason for it is an incident of Shyamalee Priyangika changing the name in her identity card. In the end the two of them drifted apart over this issue not even thinking about the two beloved children. Finally Shyamalee Priyangika decided to live separately from three years back under a court order. The pressure Pradeep who served the forces experienced cannot be said in words. Their son secured 144 marks at the recent scholarship examination which concluded recently when father and mother were at two different places. 

Court has issued orders to pay maintenance to both children and wife. The children's father Pradeep was to come to Rambukkana bodhiya once a month and would see to the welfare of the two children. It is there that he would hand over gifts to the children. For this very reason army soldier Pradeep's mind went berserk because of the shock sustained in this family dispute. During the past twenty days or so he was warded and treated at Narahenpita army hospital mental patients ward because his mental pressure aggravated. It was during this period that a warrant was issued by court for not regularly paying the maintenance. Rambukkana police was notified by army soldier Pradeep of having been treated for his mental illness. 

It was yesterday (17) that the court case was scheduled to be heard at Kegalle magistrate court. This suspect called Pradeep who was suffering from severe heartache it is understood to have hid in his person a knife which he drew out and stabbed the petitioner who was divorced from him. Shyamalee breathed her last on the spot. It was in this way that cute two kids lost their mother. The suspect father who is alleged to be connected to the murder concerned was thus taken into police custody. That then is the manner in which the domestic conflict ended in utter ruination, finally. 'Aney ... whose help there is for these two children?' It is because of that everyone is feeling sorry saying 'Aney apo!' 

- Shiran Ranasingha -      

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