Death sentence to Manuranga who murdered wife and two children at Ratmalana!

Death sentence to Manuranga who murdered wife and two children at Ratmalana!

Death sentence to Manuranga who murdered wife and two children at Ratmalana!

Colombo high court today enforced death penalty to Madhura Manuranga who was convicted of murdering his wife and two children in his house at Ratmalana in the year 2012, creating a sensation across the country. Mr. Vikum Kaluaarachchi, Colombo high court judge thus imposed death sentence on Madhura Manuranga de Silva being guilty of strangling his wife and two children and burning them to death. 

Court hearings over this case extended throughout the period 2013 - 13 and a host of information was
revealed about this brutal murder during that period. He has with the intention of getting married to his paramour, a 21 year old girl from Negombo has hoodwinked her by covering up the fact that he was a married man with children and has finally committed this murder by getting away from his bonds of marriage and going to enjoy a new leash of life. 

His paramour too who was subjected to suspicion together with suspect Madhuranga and what she has told police was that not much time has elapsed since she came to know her lover. A motive was launched by him to enter into wedlock with the girl concerned because of the ongoing affair after getting rid of his wife and two children and by hoodwinking the girl's party in the process. 

The suspect Madhuranga de Silva initially has come across this 21 year old girl at a French class where she had attended and later has casually become a Facebook friend of a young lady-teacher and after seeing her Facebook photo gallery has thereby developed an attraction to her. In the aspect where details about him appear in the Facebook Page ... what he had mentioned was that he was still then a bachelor. Madhuranga who was aware from her details that she too was unmarried has subsequently proceeded to inquire further details about her from time to time, it was reported. 

One day he has inquired as to when she hopes to come to Colombo when she has responded saying that she would be coming to Colombo for a French class at the end f the week. Further, after she said that her class is in Torrington in Colombo, Madhuranga has replied, "I also am attending a class nearby there  ... I can come come near your class ... so let's have a chat when you come to Colombo". Thus, after getting to know eah other across Facebook, Madhuranga has for the first time has approached her at her French training class and met her there. 

As time passed by, he had taken her in his vehicle on various journeys; but has taken great precaution to conceal the fact that he was a married man with a child. SMS and telephone conversations has of course been exchanged between the two. All these alliances have originated at the time that his wife was pregnant with her second baby. He in fact has brought forward the marriage proposal to the girl during the very same period when the date for delivery for the baby was already fixed as such. This person has gone as far as renting out a house in Kalutara and having secured a mother and father as well has thus planned out ways and means of cheating the girl's party after which he has embarked on the murder. However though he planned to say that as a result of a sudden fire that broke out all three of the victims had died, as everything misfired, every other thing became unsuccessful.  

Madhuranga has married his deceased wife Sachethana Sandamali after a three-year period of romance. It was understood that blessings of both parties were given for this romance which was supposed to have remained between 2003 to 2006 while Sachethana's kith and kin had never dreamed that Madhuranga was a person of this nature as he was engaged in a high-class and respectable job. 

The deceased school-teacher has had her education at Buddhist Girls' School at Mount Lavinia and later secured the BS,c degree at Nawala Open University has initially had her appointment at a school in Yatiyanthota after which she managed to get a transfer to Moratuwa Princess of Wales school, it was reported. On the other hand it is revealed that this criminal husband has passed the five-year scholarship from a leading school in Ambalangoda and has then entered a leading school in Colombo for further education. 

He has no true parents and his adopted parents had moved to a house in Ratmalana in Colombo from Ambalangoda for their son's education. Two weeks before the triple murder of his wife and two children he has resigned from the garment establishment where he served,explaining reasons as 'for personal reasons'. He has even had plans to go abroad as well with his new bride. It was further reported by his employees that he was drawing a salary close upon one and a half lakhs per month and that he was a skillful officer in the administrative grade of the institution and that it was difficult for them to believe that he would commit something like this. 

Manuranga who envisaged plans of stepping into a new life after strangling his wife and child leaving the other child's go up in flames though ultimately was subjected to the death penalty was heard in court for 7 long years because having been bailed out from time to time. Whatever it is, the court finally gave the judgement today.