American operations which drowned Bhaghdadi's dead body in the sea

American operations which drowned Bhaghdadi's dead body in the sea

American operations which drowned Bhaghdadi's dead body in the sea

It is superfluous to mention that the incident where death of  ISIS leader Abu-Baker Al-Baghagdi hit the spotlights from among international news last week. 

It was during a clever operation launched by a special American troop of soldiers when Baghdadi put an end to his life by exploding the suicidal suit he was wearing. During this attack two of his wives
and three children have died, it is reported while 11 children were taken into army custody and steps are taken to retain them in army custody.

This operations which created a large curiosity the world over began to stream forward in a large measure across the media during the past few days. According to those reports, much information and clues regarding Baghdadi's location of residence was initially received about five months back. According to what a group Kurdi group of combatants said, it was they who first received the information. As the group says, that information was received across ISIS organisation itself. It is stated that a member who has had some difference of opinion has unravelled this information. 

Under the above circumstances Kurdi and Iraq intelligence services combining with American CIA organisation have engaged in a combined intelligence operation throughout the last five-month period and that was for the purpose of specifically locating the location where he is according to information secured about Baghdadi. ISA organisation has taken precautions to post spies within the zone where Baghdadi is supposed to have been moving around. In the meantime it is understood that some information from a person supposed to deliver messages in connection to IS organisation as well as a wife of Baghdadi was conveyed to America. 

Apart from all this, CIA officers have taken a great effort of a method to overhear secretly the telephone conversations of Baghdadi. However it was found that the effort was in vain. Whatever it is, it was possible to confirm in a definite manner that the IS leader is stationed in that particular location some weeks previous to that. 

 A wonderful story captured great attention sometime back about what leaders of the Syrian Democratic regime including Kurdi rebels of Syria had said. What they said was that they were successful in retaining their spies around the membership circle close to Baghdadi. They even said that one of their spies had managed to steal an underwear and a blood sample of Baghdadi and had handed them over to him, he said. It was through this underwear and blood sample that a DNA examination was conducted that the identity was confirmed before the attack that it was Baghdadi who was being followed. 

Baghdadi had stayed in the hamlet of Barisha in north-east Syria. It was found that he had taken lodging in a house belonging to one Mohommed Salama.  Salama too was someone who has functioned as an officer in command of IS organisation. It was after that operations were launched to corner Baghdadi. Whatever it is, Baghdadi was someone who followed various strategies with regard to his safety. In fact he had employed all efforts to minimise gaps available for enemies to get hold of him. Even prior to that ... it was revealed that two operations prepared to launch targeting him were given up at the last moment. 

Media reported that soldiers of American special operations forces had engaged in strong training sessions on behalf of this dangerous operations, exposing their lives to risk. Whatever it is, after security forces came to know of the exact location where Baghdadi was definitely stationed, American president Donald Trump gave his consent to carry out the operations. 

Operations commenced on 26th, around 5 in the evening American time. Vice president Mike Pence, secretary of defence, Mark Esper, security advisor, Robert O'Brien, several other security heads inclusive of the president had viewed the operations Live from a special cabin in White House. 

A group of 50 - 100 commando soldiers had boarded 8 helicopters known as C.H. Vinuks and set off for Syria. They had thus set off from an army camp in Iraq. This journey which according to scheduled time was about 70 minutes was indeed a highly perilous one. Security forces had stated that these helicopters were exposed to gunshots when travelling close to earth, it was revealed. However, when closing in upon the required location, it is reported that army soldiers had asked Baghdadi to come out from the house. In this instance though several others and and a group of children had come out, Baghdadi has remained inside the house. 

 Under these circumstances the soldiers had taken action to move into the house. Under suspicion that explosives  may be fixed to the front door of the house, the soldiers had gained access by exploding a wall. In this circumstance an exchange of fire has taken place between the rebels and those rebels had met with death. It was in that instance that Baghdadi who was dressed in a suicide-bomb costume had entered a tunnel with three children. 

As stated by Donald Trump to the media, Baghdadi has run away crying. What president said was that he died as a coward. But whether Baghdadi was weeping was not confirmed by security forces as such. Trump also stated at the media briefing that under the doubt that Baghdadi would explode his dress containing explosives, the army soldiers without pursuing him had manouvred a robot weapon instead. In the meantime, two official dogs used by the American army were employed in this operations, it was mentioned. It is also understood that one of the dogs had followed Baghdadi along the tunnel. Finally at the time Baghdadi exploded the bomb, the dog too has suffered injuries. Later after the heroism of the dog was revealed, it was subjected to much popularity across social media. Though particulars relating to dogs of this type serving American army are kept extremely confidential, on Trump's recommendations a photograph of the dog and its name was made public. It is stated that its name is Canon. After Canon convalesces, it is expected to join service with the army. Whatever it is, this dog wounded by the bomb has had to undergo surgery. In the meantime what president Trump said was that when Canon would be returning from Middle East, it would come to White House too. 

Though army soldiers were able to identify Baghdadi from his appearance alone, steps were taken to confirm it across a DNA examination. Within the space of just 15 minutes the army was able to confirm the identity of Baghdadi. As Baghdadi was taken into custody before in the year 2004 in Iraq, it is learned that the American army is in possession of his DNA data. In this particular instance he was identified when comparing the DNA secured during the operations. 

Though it is the custom of Muslims to bury bodies, the army has not taken action to bury Baghdadi's corpse anywhere on land. On the contrary what was done was to transport the body in a war ship for the final rites to be conducted in the sea. (It was a similar procedure adopted in the case of Osama Bin Laden the leader of Al Quaida who was killed in the year 2011). It is said that the body was not buried at a location on land for the reason that it would turn out to be a memorial for IS followers. The sea area where Baghdadi's final rites were carried out or details about the vessel that transported the body has been withheld. 

- Sanath Wickramage -