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Lady teacher observed few metres away from home ... has still not come home!

Lady teacher observed few metres away from home ... has still not come home!

An incident is reported from Gampola of a young lady teacher who was returning home and was a 100 metres close to her home disappearing afterwards. 

This 27 year old teacher by the name of Nisansala Ratnayaka from Gampola Kirapane  and was someone who is engaged to a police officer. She presently remains in the house with her mother. She
is attached to Sri Pada Vidyalaya in Hatton. She is teaching English Language in the school. 

She would come daily to school after travelling about 60 kilometres from her home in Kirapane and after leaving school she used to return home in the company of another lady teacher whereon she comes to Gampola after which she would trek home all alone to her home.  

On the day of the said incident, she has come with the said lady teacher and her return home was recorded on CCTV cameras 100 metres away close to her home on a tuition-class building called 'Igenuma'. However she had not reached home. She has thus disappeared last first of the month at 4 in the evening when coming home. 

This young lady teacher in fact was a graduate and was the class teacher of year 6 at Sri Pada Vidyalaya. She was competent in the English Language and had taught English Language in the school. Her last journey was taped on CCTV cameras of 'Igenuma' higher educational institute at 4.06 in the evening. At that time there was a shower and leaving that place with an umbrella in hand is quite clearly visible. 

Chandima's mother Mrs. Chandra Jayaweera described that incident as follows: "My daughter has got engaged to a police officer of Gampola police. She would come home regularly after school around 4.30 . Since she did not come home even by 6 in the evening on the first, we spoke to the principal of the school and asked whether there is meeting in school. He said that she has left school at the usual time. 

Daughter's phone also was not working. When we inquired about this, we came to know from other teachers that she had got down from Gampola bus station. After that when we examined camera recordings of 'Igenuma' education institute, we were able to confirm that she was coming home. Villagers and the police searched for daughter ... without any news about her. We have a suspicion whether somebody has kidnapped her. As it was raining, villagers and police kept searching in streams and even drains. I plead to inform us or police if anybody has any information about her".

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