Revelation about 45 personnel of army to be converted to Islam religion and launch an attack thereby!

Revelation about 45 personnel of army to be converted to Islam religion and launch an attack thereby!

Revelation about 45 personnel of army to be converted to Islam religion and launch an attack thereby!

A person named Risham Marush held a media briefing in Dambulla day before yesterday (16) and has made a revelation that a strategy is underway to use forty five persons linked to the Sri Lankan army and use their services to launch an attack similar to the Easter attack He further elaborated information that an army soldier is taking leadership in this matter and that could be proved with evidence. 

Risham Marush who is supposed to be the president of a public service association says that under
knowledge of one Atalugama Ralalage Asanka Priyantha serving at present in the commando regiment forty five members of the security forces have already been converted to Islamic religion and are getting ready for the said attack. He then further said that he had informed the prime minister and the army intelligence unit about this and since a month has passed by without taking any action on this matter he has had to reveal this to the media. He exposed all this in the course of the media discussion that he approached the prime minister and took group photographs in the process and also displayed videos captured through the skype with the person called Asanka Priyantha and also photos taken when in the army camp. 

Risham Marush further added that: "He has undergone training in the Uva Kuda Oya camp under the commando regiment with the service No. 52431. We have notified intelligence units about what they are planning to do. Have informed other members of the army intelligence unit. 

I wish to reiterate that I am not holding a media exhibition. This person known as Asanka Priyantha is someone from Ginigathhena area in Nuwara Eliya. What this person is trying to do is to become a devotee of Islam religion and then carry out an attack just as much as what Zaharan did. He is married to a Muslim girl. The wife whom he is married to hails from Batticaloa. A person called Mansoor has told him that he would send funds for him to help him in this connection. 
His motive is to embrace Islamic religion in the future and gather the forty five members and thereby increase the crowd as much as possible and then create a conflict and to boost the Muslim community and finally raise the Muslim national flag.  

This is an issue concerning national security. I told this to premier Ranil Wickremasingha personally. He is very well aware of this. What he said was that they will inform about this to the necessary officials. Now a month has passed by ... no procedure has been adopted. I also informed the cardinal too ... went even to meet president, but could not meet him. 

What I ask is, when there is evidence available about this attack ... why are they silent? Another person is aiding and abetting in this connection and it is a person named Rafi attached to the salaries division of Batticaloa camp. It is Asanka who has made him get involved in it. When these matters were notified to the intelligence division, later they had looked into it. 70% of what we say has been proved to be true. Beyond that they have no way of making a move. That also as udual is under the carpet so to say. Like Gnanasara thero says, all those extremist Muslim organisations are alike. Only the branches are different. So there is no point in however much shouting is done. Gnanasara having gone to talk about these things even had to go behind bars. Therefore what I say is to think a little bit about this and to enforce the law. Definitely I too need security".

In the meantime, army spokesman, major general Sumith Atapattu has informed that no evidence could be secured about the incident revealed by this person and that nobody should be alarmed by information like this. Risham Marush, president of public service association has been summoned to the criminal investigation department. On the other hand, according to information about the dialogue regarding an attack about which one Asanka Priyantha attached to the commando regiment has spoken about, the said lance corporal was taken into custody at Batalanda army camp last afternoon (17). It was revealed that he was in service at army commando battalion and was someone transferred to Gajaba regiment. Investigation teams say that this lance corporal has for a period of two or three years exchanged information across facebook and that it is suspected that he had played an acting role for a necessity of money. Investigations have been launched about the revelation of Risham Marush by army armoured intelligence corps, state intelligence service, the special task force under inspector general of police and criminal investigation department. 

- Lakshika Sandeepa Ariyadasa, Tissa Ravindra Perera -      
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