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Death toll of those who drank poisonous kasippu rise to 14 -- police do not care

Death toll of those who drank poisonous kasippu rise to 14 -- police do not care

Another person who had taken poisonous and illicit liquor and was warded in hospital passed away yesterday (7) at Ragama Teaching hospital. As such, the number who died from this incident in Banduragoda last 1st and 2nd have rocketed to 14. 

The deceased referred to above is Sumith Abrew (56), a father of two. In any case, two other persons who were under treatment at Colombo national hospital because of this incident have managed to recover their health by yesterday (7) and have returned home. Police intelligence sources have found
out that several others who were participants of this illicit brew have admitted themselves to hospital while some others are taking treatment secretly after getting themselves admitted to hospitals in other areas. According to information, about thirty persons who had fallen sick because of the said incident are still under treatment in hospitals, police say. 

In the meantime, the body of Sunil Abeyratna (48) of Madithiyawela, Medikellewaththa who died by falling sick after drinking this illicit alcohol was brought for his final rites last evening (7) and kith and kin of the deceased had congregated in front of the house of the person who distributed the illicit alcohol engaging in a protest. Protestors complained on that occasion that relevant authorities have failed to effect control over the alcohol menace which has spread right round the village and that alcohol secured by this illicit dealer of Banduragoda area was being distributed at this location and that the police and excise officers take no action to raid the place concerned.  

In this instance the protestors launched their protests by carrying the dead body of the person concerned on their shoulders while the media authorities on the other hand make recriminations that people from this location fail to provide information about these rackets.  On that occasion what they exclaimed was that they know how to extract money from those racketeers. 

Villagers including Mr. Chaminda Karunaratna of Divulapitiya provincial council joined in on this occasion. When questioned by Kotadeniyawa police in relation to accusations aimed by public, they say that they conduct raids frequently at this site and that on information revealed in conjunction with this incident the suspect concerned has been produced before court and has been remanded. 

In the process, ain in order to ascertain the reason for deaths of the two first persons who were admitted to hospital with such symptoms such as vomiting, diarrohea and burning sensation action was taken to once again exhume their bodies. One of those bodies is expected to be exhumed tomorrow (9) at Udugolla under orders of Attanagalla court. The body to be exhumed and inspected in this connection is of Kalukapuge Dayaratna (63) resident at Uduulla, Banduragoda. 

Inquiry in sudden deaths of this person and Sumanadasa (82) who was resident at Gaspe, Lakjayagama after being hospitalised was conducted on the 2nd at Mirigama hospital and according to evidence forthcoming on that occasion and on reasons of medical conclusions, inquirer into sudden deaths Mr. Chandrasiri Marasingha deduced that death was caused under natural circumstances. After it was revealed that these two persons were continuously being subjected to sickness and passing away during course of investigations and after it was revealed that they had taken illicit drinks from the illicit tavern in Banduragoda area, required basic matters were carried out to exhume the bodies and reported to court. Accordingly, essential basic arrangements to exhume the bodies are in operation at present, police say. 

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