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Bail for Shakthika Sathkumara who was in remand for 129 days for having scandalized homosexual activities of bhikkhus

Bail for Shakthika Sathkumara who was in remand for 129 days for having scandalized homosexual activities of bhikkhus

Shakthika SAthkumara who was placed in remand custody for 129 days for having published a short story under the title: "Ardha" which describes homosexual activities of Buddhist monks was yesterday (5) released on bail. 

His arrest crated an uproar sometime back and he was confined to remand prison and charges were framed against him under section 56 of 2007 under civil and political rights Act. Mrs. Menaka Wijeysundera of Kurunegala high court ordered yesterday (5) that he be released on bail. Mr.
Delankage Sameera Shakthika Sathkumara (33) of Piyumgalla, Wariyapola who incidentally was a feature writer for a newspaper was thus released after 129 days on a cash bail of one lakh rupees and two surety bails. 33 year old Shakthika Sathkumara was taken into custody in Polgahawela town after a complaint lodged by bhikkhus for having violated conventions of freedom of expression. 

The petition said that by saying that homosexual behaviour is prevalent within the bhikkhu society, Buddhism has been brought into disrepute. A dialogue ensued as to what serious offence is being committed by Shakthika Sathkumara by writing the short story "Ardha". 

The publication under reference has been identified as a research attempt which should be appreciated post-modernised creative writing. It was also mentioned that matters relating to sexual behaviour of an ascetic or someone who achieved the status of a recluse was also stated in the Vinaya pitakaya. 

"Ardha" refers to a story about a scholar bhikkshu of a university. This bhikkshu who leaves his robe finds refuge in a friend's 'boarding" house. It is mentioned there how he engages in homosexual activity with Loku Hamuduruwo. It is mentioned in the story of how Hanwelle Kassapa thero became Kasan Palihawadana. Anyway under these circumstances according to a complaint lodged with Polgahawela police by a Buddhist organisation to the effect that Buddhism was brought to disrepute by a short story written by suspect, he was in remand prison. 

As police had presented information under the international convention of section 56, 2007 the suspect had to forward an application to Kurunegala high court across his attorneys. President's counsel, attorney S.T. Jayanaga and Attorney Chaminda Athukorala including a bench of judges appeared on behalf of suspect while state counsel Mr. Charaka Dharmasiri appeared on behalf of the petitioner.    

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