"Athula didn't sight this place ... but am to get second baby from Harsha" -- Amaya

"Athula didn't sight this place ... but am to get second baby from Harsha" -- Amaya

"Athula didn't sight this place ... but am to get second baby from Harsha" -- Amaya

The wedding between Athula and Amaya took place seven or eight years before this after news of external mediation within the Athula - Samitha marriage. Later, after Amaya begot a baby from Athula ... the daughter concerned is now 7 years old. Whatever it is, Amaya - Athula marriage too turned out to be a problematic one and Amaya had been complaining that he does not visit home and is someone who spends a depressed
type of life involved with activities in studios. In any case 30 year old Amaya managed to step into the spotlight because of the popularity of 53 year old Athula.

What is reported now is a story that Amaya is to get her second baby. Amaya now says that she has been living with a person called Harsha for 4 years and that Athula's blessing too has been received and that things like these are just brushed aside in Western countries. Amaya explained about this last weekend this way. "Yes ... I am ready to become mother for the second time. Motherhood is the  most charming and best in the world. My second baby will be coming into our nest in another three or four months. Daughter is eager for it. She's clinging to my tummy whether a nangi or malli is in my tummy. My elder sister has three small ones. Bringing home a nangi or malli is a new experience for our daughter. So, she always keeps inquiring about it. Even those who see me say that I am to get a baby son. What is of value to us is irrelevant whether it is a boy or girl. The child's father is Harsha. I love him throughout four years and that is Harsha Dhanesh. My life story stands as it is. I am still undergoing the change that occured four years back. I am not divorced from Athula ... to say that I want a new leash of life. Athula and I have a daughter of seven years. Not that I ca't marry again. But we think about our children. I have no desire to be divorced from Athula and marry again. But I have the right to love love somebody. Though I and Athula are separated, we won't get ourselves divorced as such. He has not told me not to give my love to somebody else. However much somebody is in love ... it takes only a second to change. If one could be in love even not marrying is better than displaying the marriage to the outside world. There are so many people the 'living together' trend in foreign countries. One should marry ... but I don't think that one must keep on playing that drum. In any case the person who loves me is someone who understands me. We can't take a decision to divorce. I love Harsha with all my heart. Not that I can't get married to him. But if I divorce from Athula and leave him it would be an injustice done to him. Now I am 30 years old. Athula is 53. This is a time I should be by his side. We got married knowing the age-gap. Though we can't live together ... neither I nor he has done wrong to each other. Athula is in Colombo for his work. Athula used to come at least once a week for a month to see his daughter. Athula means a very positive character. If Athula was to live another twenty years with his present age ... I have twice that number of years to live. We don't know who has to leave early.

Whatever it is, Athula thinks that somebody should be there to care for the child and me. Since Athula has done no wrong to me, I don't want to divorce him. If Athula does soome wrong to me ... then we'll see. Harsha is a person who knows love. I love Harsha from the bottom of my heart. Athula may have seen a big quality in Harsha. That's why he allows Harsha live with me, no. If Harsha is not good enough ... a person who is indifferent to his child; Athula then won't allow me to live with him. Harsha and Athula are very good friends. Athula also has a good understanding. He acknowledges that there is a right to love.

He loves daughter like his own life. It's four years since I was in love with Harsha. He knows Harsha from the time daughter was two and a half or three years. Though there is no blood relationship, it's a marvellous love that exists between the two of them. If someone was to question whether she loves father or mother most ... she would says that she loves father best. If Roca was to ask whom she loves best between aiyya and mother ... daughter would say that she loves Roca aiyya best. Daughter mostly loves thaaththa and Harsha. I am in position three. She loves Harsha so much. Daughter would address Harsha by all sorts of names like, Rocson, Roca aiyya, Sikkander.

Nothing falls in place with Sri Lanka's background as such. If any clothing is worn ... een that doesn't suit this country. We are now adults. The way we think is different.This then is my desire. If Atula has no objection ... if the person who loves me has no objection ... so then why should I care about what others say? I'll look after Athula throughout my life. Harsha too has given his content to it. A lot of people are trying to point the finger to us. If we publish a photo; some people value it. Some others ask, "Isn't there anything else?" We need not live according to how society wants us to live, should we?

- Thilini Kaushalya Wijeysingha -
See video for photos of Amaya - Harsha and more details

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