Supposed to have thought of killing wife by making a serpent sting her because of a tele-drama

Supposed to have thought of killing wife by making a serpent sting her because of a tele-drama

Supposed to have thought of killing wife by making a serpent sting her because of a tele-drama

The businessman who had tried to make a poisonous serpent sting and thus make his wife die created a dialogue within the country and he had been arrested. The Gampaha wealthy businessman was taken into custody day before (7) night and when being interrogated he has revealed that he got such an idea after watching a tele-drama broadcast over a rupavahini channel. 

It is said that the suspect has said during interrogation by police that he had seen a tele-drama telecast broadcast over a rupavahini channel sometime back where a poisonous serpent was made to sting a
woman. As such, a young snake-charmer had been handed over a financial contract on two instances and as such he has taken steps to have a poisonous serpent sting his wife, the suspect has further told police, it is understood. That senior police officer has told that on the second occasion the serpent has failed to sting her, the suspect has said. 

His attempt to kill his wife last 30th has failed and after his failure the said businessman has fled the area. The young snake-charmer was taken into custody that same day with the serpent. On a tip-off received that the suspect who has fled is in hiding in Anuradhapura area and the suspect businessman was arrested day before night under suspicion. It is learned that the businessman who vanished from Gampaha had taken refuge at a vihara in Anuradhapura. 

The suspect taken into custody was brought to Gampaha police headquarters for further inquiries. A team of police officers are conducting further investigations in connection with suspect. Mahathunge Jayarathna the suspect snake-charmer, a resident of Thambuththegama who undertook to kill the wealthy businessman living in Gampaha on a financial contract was thus taken into custody. 

The suspect admitted in court that on an ongoing family dispute the petitioner's husband has told him that the woman concerned should be murdered and for that purpose to bring along a poisonous serpent with him and therefore he had brought this serpent and had tried to fling it at the woman's body and thus kill her in the process. He also told court that the suspect has had no necessity to murder the petitioner and that this happened on the necessity of petitioner's husband. The suspect further pleaded court that he be named a witness and not a suspect in this case. Accordingly, additional magistrate, Mr. Mangala Karunaratna ordered Gampaha police to obtain legal advice from attorney general whether the suspect could be named a state witness and the suspect was sent to remand custody till next 10th.

Though the petitioner who was a mother of one child and her husband under the same shelter, it was revealed at police questioning that there was a domestic conflict that existed between husband and wife. The petitioner's husband after dropping their child to a private class on 30th has returned home in his vehicle in the company of the suspect snake-charmer and had tried to drop the serpent on the body of the petitioner and thus kill her ... police had forwarded this information in the presence of court. 

That the petitioner has flung away the serpent that fell on her body and whether that serpent was a viper is to be ascertained and therefore a report has been requested from officers of wild life department, police stated in court. Gampaha police further stated in court that about two months before this had taken seriously ill because of a snake-bite when she was sleeping in the house and that inquiries in this connection is underway. 

This woman and her husband had lived in Sirimal Uyana, Indigolla, Gampaha. Even 3 months before, she has been stung by a serpent accidentally in a room in the house. It was the husband who had judged that her leg was wounded because of a serpent-bite. She has returned home from treatment in hospital after being admitted in a serious condition only a few days before. In the meantime the husband has come across a snake-charmer in Gampaha town. He had promised the snake-charmer a sum of Rs. 25,000 to carry out the deal of having his wife stung by a viper. Accordingly, the young snake-charmer has managed to secure a viper on last 30th morning and has met the businessman. Subsequently, he had accompanied the snake-charmer in his vehicle and come home. 

At the time the snake-charmer has approached the wife's room, she has been at the bottom floor. Instantly the husband has jumped forward and after holding the wife tightly from her body instructing the snake-charmer to fling the viper on to her body and have her stung that way. On his instructions the snake-charmer has thrown the viper four times at the body of the wife concerned. However the vier has failed to sting her. On the last instance the woman has struck the serpent by hand. On that occasion, the husband who got frightened because the snake-charmer lost his grip with the serpent has then let go of his hold of the wife and fled in his motor vehicle. Later the villagers have got together and handed over the snake-charmer to police. 

The police have been successful in getting at the motor vehicle of the said husband from a house in Udugampola. Since the snake-charmer had not been in the vehicle at that time ... he was unfortunate in not being able to collect the 25,00 he was promised earlier. 

The businessman who presently is under custody has confessed that he had wanted to shroud the death of his wife as something that occured because of a serpent bite as he has had an illicit connection with another woman and has thus committed this offence. 

It is understood that the businessman has told police that he has planned to have his wife killed this way because he wanted to acquire properties belonging to her and thus getting married to another woman. This woman who admitted that the said businessman had an illicit liaison with her was taken into custody by  police day before yesterday for aiding and abetting him in engaging in this crime.