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"IS video was made on 5th floor of hotel in Kollupitiya: we wore white clothing to commemorate our sorrows when our husbands died" -- Zaharan's wife, Sadiya

"IS video was made on 5th floor of hotel in Kollupitiya: we wore white clothing to commemorate our sorrows when our husbands died" -- Zaharan's wife, Sadiya

According to questioning from Zaharan Hasheem's wife, Sadiya and child so far, a host of significant information was revealed in relation to the bomb incident. When questioning by officers engaged in inquiries being conducted by them about suspicions of Zaharan not being among the dead or is dead, what is confirmed by Sadiya's statements is that Zaharan has actually died. 

Dying on behalf of religion is known as 'Jihad' and that he would die from this attack ... and that what he said was that he was going to be 'Jihad' and that after that according to Muslim customs the wife
should commemorate a 4 month period of 'Iktha' of period of sorrow ... Sadiya said that Zaharan had informed her. 

During the last few days they had lived in a housing complex attached to a luxury hotel in Kollupitiya and that a unit of 3 rooms on the 5th floor there was bought for 2 months and that those getting ready for the bomb blast and their families lodged there ... Zaharan's wife Sadiya has expressed. She also informed that Rs. 140000 per month was paid for that house. She also mentioned that Zaharan and others took their oaths in one of those rooms that they would be functioning as suicide bombers in this attack. She further stated that that video would be taped there and forwarded to ISIS organisation and that the swearing in took place on 20th just 24 hours before the blast. 

According to what Sadiya informed, though she showed no liking for her husband's behaviour, she lived with him together in fear and dislike. Though she had requested for a divorce on several instances he had not consented to it and had ordered her to wear the burka, she explained. 

After the bomb blast of 21st, that same day at about 11.30 in the morning she and the other crowd had set off to Sandumarudu and was shocked at deaths of her people, she remarked. As I was instructed to wear white clothing inside and to wear black clothing from outside, she and the others dressed in the white clothes brought and that there were three wives who were suicide bombers among them and as they were commemorating the Iktha sorrow in that manner the police had sensed it after which as a result the others had to commit suicide, she informed. 

According to her statement, they had worn white clothes to commemorate their sorrow. In the same way, according to her statement, in the case of the other women who subjected themselves to suicide on that occasion the balance white clothes of the rest of the white clothes brought with them were worn by them. 

Though security forces questioned the four year old Mohammed Zaharan Rezeina of Zaharan's daughter, so far it has not been possible to extract much information. She had in fact once remarked, "Can't say father's name ... if I told, father said that my two ears and mouth will be cut!"  These two who have been admitted to Colombo General Hospital at present are retained under special police security while interrogation is underway in days to come.   

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