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Drivers faced gunshots in Wattala for having driven under liquor; second child of dead person just 3 months!

Drivers faced gunshots in Wattala for having driven under liquor; second child of dead person just 3 months!

The navy opened fire early this morning at two motor vehicles in Wattala which were travelling without showing any respect to orders of security forces and the incident where one person died was subjected to great focus among the public. 

The dead person was a father  of two and he was not someone who was involved with any suspicious activity as such. Unfortunately, it was a according to  what Navy spokesman said, he has kept on
driving without paying heed to Navy orders being under liquor. On the second firing the vehicle of a drunken lawyer has sustained damage, nut he was not injured. 

Both gunshots were fired at Hunupitiya, Wattala and when Navy forces were engaged in checking a vehicle near the flyover yesterday where road barriers were installed. Around 12 in the night a Nano type vehicle was moving in the direction of Wattala from Kiribathgoda and ignoring orders of Navy officers the driver had kept on driving past the road barrier there and later suspicion arose because the driver has driven the vehicle knocking against the body of Navy officers.

"The driver has tried to knock against the body of a Navy officer and go past him. On that occasion to take action against this act another Navy officer who was on duty there has fired a gunshot. Subsequently after the injured driver was admitted to hospital he has passed away. At initial inquiries it was revealed that this driver who was at the steering wheel was highly intoxicated", Navy spokesman, Lieutenant Commander Mr. Isuru Sooriyabandara mentioned. The driver who sustained injuries had tried to get away had passed away on being admitted to hospital. 

The deceased is 34 year old Chamara Asanka Ranasingha a father of  two children. His eldest daughter is 3 years old while the younger son was a baby of just 3 months. In the meantime, about one hour later around 1 o'clock at dawn Navy officers have opened fire at yet another motor vehicle which had not stopped at the said road barrier. In this instance the vehicle was damaged; but the driver has escaped injury. The driver concerned was an attorney at law and it was revealed at investigations that he too had been under the influence of liquor, police mentioned.  

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