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Ryan's house where his mother, father, younger sister lived ...  under police surveillance during process of unanticipated shifting

Ryan's house where his mother, father, younger sister lived ...
under police surveillance during process of unanticipated shifting 

Police yesterday took measures to subject the Panadura house where the mother, father and younger sister of Ryan the latter of whom is presently under arrest in Dubai in the company of those involved in narcotics, because of a suspicious condition about their behaviour. 

This house has been taken on rent under Ryan's younger sister's name and members of this family had been residing in this house situated at Dolawaththa Road, Paraththa, Panadura. However, preparations are being taken to shift from this house and go to another house on rent during the phenomena which
transpired during recent times, it is understood. 

On a search warrant obtained by court, at the time when police has raided this house, it is learned that occupants in that house were involved in loading household items into lorries. Suspicions had flared up that Ryan van Royan was connected to various dealings with underground chief Makandure Madush and earlier when inspecting the Dehiwala house where Ryan was living previously, police have come across a scale used for weighing heroin. Before recovering the 500 crores worth diamond related to Madush's diamond robbery was found from Kehelwaththa area in Panadura; police secured a statement on suspicion that Ryan had a connection in that matter. 

Under this suspicious background, police had gone to Ryan's sister's house and on that occasion members of the family inclusive of his sister have been involved in loading household furniture into a lorry to leave the house, police say. It is thus understood that steps were taken to unload each item loaded into the lorry separately and subject the house to serious inspection by forwarding the search warrant. However, nothing suspicious has been found in that instance. 

In the instance of leaving the rented house to transport household items, they had utilised a lorry carrying a VIP sticker, which police say is a matter that arouses suspicion. Police officers have then and there have removed the sticker referred to. 

Neighbours and officers who were involved in the search warrant have mentioned that neighbours were witnesses to instances where luxury vehicles had been coming constantly in the night and discussions used to take place in the balcony with lights switched off. 

When inquiring from the houseowner, it is mentioned in his statement that he has given this house on the basis of rent to Ryan's sister according to an advertisement inserted in the internet. It was reported that teleactor Ryan van Royan's sister, husband, child, mother and father had lived in this house. Panadura  Police are conducting further investigations.

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