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"Yes ... I received 95,000 for my social service -- a payment given by Litro Company -- there's no cheating in it": Dambara Amila Thero

"Yes ... I received 95,000 for my social service -- a payment given by Litro Company -- there's no cheating in it": Dambara Amila Thero

As a result of Danbara Amila Thero and some members of civil organisations who shouted out for Yahapalanaya have been accused of reports published as having been paid salaries, it has become a main topic on the political stage too.

Dambara Amila Thero has been subjected to sensation because of having criticised President for enforcing the relevant decision recently, aggressively remarking, "Thowa Polonnaruwa kumbure
hitavanava" at a UNP rally and was subjected to mud-slinging of politically oriented persons.

The case taken up for hearing where Gamini Senerath, former chief of Presidential staff has misappropriated Rs. 500 million and it was heard recently by a three bench judges at a special High Court in Colombo. Muditha Thamangama who was the financial administrator of the company concerned admitted to the special three-bench High Court that that company has favoured Dambara Amila Thero with a monthly payment of Rs. 95,000.

It was after that incident Dambara Amila Thero was branded across the internet as a 'cheater'. In this instance Dambara Amila Thero has clearly expressed his explanation in this context. This is what he says in that regard: "I hold the position leading Judicial Sanghanayaka of the four korala of Siyam Maha Nikaya. At the same time I hold an honours award as Visharada of Archaeology. I am also a senior lecturer on Archaeology at Sri Jayawardenepura University. As everybody is aware, as an Archaeologist I engage in research and also religious sashanika work.

When involved in work like that, at one time I make a written request from Litro Gas Company by using my letterhead to the effect that I will be grateful to you to grant me patronage for me to carry on with my social welfare activities and thereby the said company approved it. They provided patronage for my activities.

I have engaged in a large number of projects of distributing school books to children. I am also engaged in constantly engaged in a number of Archaeology research all over the country and make academical speeches and go travel round the country. I am also someone who dharma sermons. It is because my campus salary is not sufficient  to do all this that I made this kind of request.

That request was approved and payment was paid. After that I forwarded video clips, photos and notes of that plan as proof of engaging in those activities to the welfare unit of Litro Gas Company. I have proved that I have done those things for that payment. I have utilised all those things as relevant to the social service activities. Therefore, anybody can check this from Litro Gas Company. If necessary, can inquire according to the act of Right to Information. Today there is a Mahinda government even as a false government. If necessary, if I have done a mistake, I may be produced in court and a case be filed against me".

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