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On suspicion of telephone call to lover ...  Moneragala boy kills girl friend by throttling her!

On suspicion of telephone call to lover ...
Moneragala boy kills girl friend by throttling her!

A dead body of a young girl was found close to Sumedha Wewa in Magandalamulla, Moneragala on 24th morning. The part of her head was embedded in the waters of the wewa while the rest of her body was found on land. Evidence was secured that she was murdered on the road leading to the wewa and that her body was dumped here. Information was later revealed that she was killed by throttling by her lover.

The victim was one Iroshini Priyangika, 22 years of age. By profession she had been conducting a beauty parlour in Moneragala area and had left that place for the last time to meet her boy friend. The
23 year old boy friend who was a person from the village was employed in Colombo and it was revealed at investigations that he had informed her that she would be coming to the village in the weekend to talk about a certain problem.

Deceased Iroshini had been conducting the said beauty parlour with the sister of her lover. Iroshini has informed her about the message of the brother and had gone to meet him. Evidence was secured to say that her lover had asked her to get on his bike and gone to the wewa to talk about the matter concerned. Iroshini's assistant, the former's lover has told police that there would have been a suspicion and an argument that Iroshini was having an illicit affair may have flared up on that occasion.

It has been confirmed by evidence received at present that towards the end of the argument the boy friend who had turned violent would have strangled his lover's throat. The corpse was found on the morning of Saturday and that very same day the boy had surrendered to police. It was said that Iroshini Priyangika was the eldest daughter of a family of five who were earning their bread and butter by farming. Mother of Iroshini who saw the dead body of her daughter had yelled out weeping in utter despair. She told that this affair for which both sides had given consent with hopes of marriage ending in a tragedy like this was something that was never even dreamt of.

Whatever it is, because of a very special video which was released to the media in connection with this incident, a dialogue has surfaced in the social media as to why this killing could not have been averted. What is indicated in that video is that a youth is whole weight on the body of a girl on the ground on the middle of a narrow road by the side of Magandalamulla where the killing took place and is throttling her. A dog in the vicinity is noticed watching the scene and barking vociferously from time to time, which too was recorded on the video.

A conversation where two boys were videoing this scene from their mobile phone too has come on tape and there is a dialogue heard that these boys have been told by the young girl 'not to mediate in her problem'. At the same time, one boy is heard saying that police has told not to mediate even if a murder takes place even while watching. It is further heard that "let's capture the number of the bike on photograph".

In any case an argument has cropped up within the social media why something else is not done instead of videoing when an instance of a murder of this nature is taking place. Though the murder happens on the middle of a road, the dead body is found close to the wewa. Therefore suspicion arises about the point that whether those who videoed this kept watching till the dead body is transported to another location. By now the suspect-lover who is under custody is to be produced before court and the police are conducting further investigations. The video which was subjected to the dialogue, from below

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