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Did Manusha go to Singapore after switching party ...  to collect the money?

Did Manusha go to Singapore after switching party ...
to collect the money?

Manusha Nanayakkara who was popular as an announcer of Swarnavahini news initially secured a member of parliament position by contesting on the UNP ticket. During operations of 'baiting' Mahinda's 2/3rd for the 18th amendment he changed parties from the UNP to the UPFA. Later while holding a deputy minister portfolio in the Maithri regime he once again switches over to the UNP in the present 1/2 'baiting' operations. UNP fans who keep their eyes open about those who makes a leap from UNP to the Alliance which is
something of a joy for them. The joy brought to spectators when something akin to an incident where a difficult target is posed in which circumstances Lasth Malinga comes in the last over and heaves a six. The game is decisive. Win or defeat is doubtful till the last ball is bowled.

As black money and dollars, pounds of UNP are stronger than black money of the Alliance, this battle would be conducted in a high form, rumours keep circulating. During this process various types of rumours keep roaming about. A story that has circulated around in the social network is that he had dismissed his first wife, tele-actress Roshana and his child at lightening speed and gone for a divorce in preference to his econd partner because she was a wealthy woman.

Parliament member of the Alliance Arundika Fernando brought forward an allegation last night in front of the media that Manusha Nanayakkara has acquired a massive sum of money. He has mentioned that with that money he has acquired a mansion of a house in Narahenpita. Whatever it is, according to parliament member Ranjit de Soysa, Manusha has had only a foreign tour. Whatever it is, rumours have gone round that the said money is issued by the main person connected to the bond scam who is taking refuge in Singapore in hiding and thus Manusha has gone to Singapore last night itself to finalise that transaction. (Airport sources have confirmed that Manusha has taken the flight SQ 402 belonging to Singapore Airlines around 12 last night).

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