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Ronnie Leach found fallen down in kitchen after having gone for dinner and had prepared his luggage

Ronnie Leach found fallen down in kitchen after having gone for dinner and had prepared his luggage

Further information keeps streaming in to us of how artiste Ronnie Leach had bade farewell to us in a most unanticipated manner in Australia.

it was last week that Ronnie Leach and Mariazelle Gunatillaka had joined on a tour to Perth, Australia and that was to attend a dinner dance organised by a crowd of Sri Lankans. An apartment had been arranged for them by organisers as lodging for both of them to attend the dinner dance last Saturday the 29th. It in fact was a successful performance of the duo and they had met several of their
fans who commended them on the performance.

Later they had spent their time in the city of Perth itself and a wellwisher has invited them to visit his home and after dinner there Ronnie Leach and Mariazelle Gunatillaka had retired to their lodging place rather early. The following day, the 1st, having to return home Ronnie Leach had spent the night arranging his luggage while Mrs. Mariazzelle has retired to her room for the night.

Whatever it is, Mrs. Mariazelle had been vigilant about Ronnie Leach when she happened to find him fallen on the floor in the kitchen of his room. When she made a check on him, she had found that he was breathing no more. Promptly she has gone into action and though having dispatched to hospital in an ambulance, hospital doctors confirmed that Ronnie Leach had already breathed his last.

The cause of death is supposed to be a case of heart attack. Though Mr. Ronnie Leach was someone who had been taking treatment because of high levels of cholesterol, he had undergone a full body check up prior to his Australian tour and on that occasion nothing detrimentally special had been noticed; Mr. Keerthi Pasqual of Sri Lanka Singers' Association told us on an inquiry made by us. He further said that the postmortem on the body of Mr. Ronnie Leach has still not been conducted in that country and that the body being brought to Sri Lanka would take place within the next few days. Ronnie Leach was sixty five years of age at the time of his death and was the father of a daughter and son. He had been living at Nedimala, Dehiwala.

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