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Police report says that accident which brought death to a police officer in Boralesgomuwa where a lady doctor was drunk ... now says she was not under liquor

Police report says that accident which brought death to a police officer in Boralesgomuwa where a lady doctor was drunk ... now says she was not under liquor

An accident was reported last morning (30) of a Wessel-type motor vehicle driven by a lady doctor specialist colliding with a wagon-R motor vehicle driven by the son of a police officer in which instance the police officer has met with death while his wife and two children have sustained severe injuries. The collision has occured around 12.45 early morning close to Pepiliyana Wickramaratna Mawatha and it was a father of three children named Ajantha Gamini Gamage (51), a coach of the police boxing team who died in this manner.

It was revealed that the said police officer and members of his family had attended a pirith ceremony
of a relative and that the motor vehicle in which they travelled, a wagon-type vehicle was driven by the said police officer's eldest son. The deceased's wife who sustained serious injuries together with the son are presently undergoing treatment at Kalubowila Hospital while the 5 year aged son has been admitted to Colombo National Hospital for further treatment.

The lady doctor who was at the driving-seat of the jeep connected to the accident was in fact attached to Ratnapura General Hospital as a consultant-doctor named Thilini Kavinga Goonewardena (39) and at the moment of the accident it was revealed that she was highly intoxicated with liquor. The police have informed courts about this.

Whatever it is, police say that there was a problematic issue when it came to the point of revealing as to whether the doctor who drove her vehicle was under liquor under which circumstances she was directed to a doctor at Kalubowila Hospital and it was stated in his medical report that there was no smell of liquor as such. Later the doctor had asked her to blow into an alcoholyser after which it was detected that she actually had consumed liquor, a police officer has remarked.  Since she was of the medical field herself, a doubt has cropped up whether or not the Kalubowila doctor has issued a false medical certificate though no smell was emanating from her mouth and had taken some form of intoxicating liquor. Whatever it is, what was forwarded to court was but data secured by police.

She had in fact driven the vehicle at a high speed carrying a girl and two boys of a music band. It is assumed that they had come at top speed in this manner after consuming liquor with  the intention of participating in a party. The girl happens to be serving at a night-club as a singer there in Mount Lavinia while the two boys also were of that music band, it was understood. The suspect, the lady doctor has suffered minor injuries and on being produced before Nugegoda court was sent to remand prison till 9th of this month as ordered by Mrs. Suneetha Nanayakkara, additional magistrate. The suspect lady doctor Gunawardena Handunge Nilani Kavinga who is attached to Ratnapura General Hospital in the capacity of a consultant physician of Diabetes was residing down Vidyala Mawatha in Piliyandala and she has been hospitalised under police protection by now.

On the other hand, the deceased police officer had bestowed his blessings to his mother on her birthday and having attended a pirith ceremony of a brother of his living down Maharagama Road, Boralesgomuwa had been on his way to Police Field Force headquarters early in the morning in his vehicle with his wife accompanied by the children when this tragedy has occured.

The luxury jeep driven by the lady doctor travelling from the direction of Colombo had reversed in the opposite direction and had thus collided with the car which carried the police inspector and others of his family. What police say is that with the lady doctor's luxury jeep crashing head on with the other vehicle, it had got thrown to a side of the road and subsequently had struck the middle part of a vehicle parked there and had then come to a halt ... and if not the vehicle happened to crash on to a nearby wall ... there would have been a loss of even more lives. Serious damage was experienced by the jeep as well as the other vehicle, while in the process the gas balloons inside had not functioned. The manner in which this accident took place is seen in the video below as they were depicted in a camera affixed to the vehicle of the police inspector and at a nearby marketplace.

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