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Close upon 1000 dead and missing from Indonesia's earthquake -- hotels collapse, prisons set on fire!

Statistics indicate that the number of those who died and are missing from the earthquake and Tsunami catastrophe which occured have now been estimated to be 832 with 540 being among the wounded. Though the number of people who have disappeared is recorded as 29 and as a clear estimate is still not clearly judged, the figures could well be in hundreds, it is reported. As such, over 1000 people may have been lost in this tragedy, it is believed.

There had been warning signs in the form of a tremor around 3 in the afternoon Indonesia time on September 28th and this earthquake has begun at 6.02 in the evening. Since it was a period of time
when the office crowd had been on their way home after work and the roads were congested with traffic as well, it was reported that a large number of people could not rush to safety. Though government had issued alert messages across sms about a Tsunami state in the offing, it had not been a productive move because of the congestion that existed.

As reported, the greater damage incidentally had not been from the Tsunami as such, but from the earthquake. major parts of the mosque and Anthapura Hospital have collapsed in Palu in Suwawesi. Tatura Colt which is one of the oldest shopping centres in the city has come down and dozens of people had been trapped there, media reports say. An eight-storied hotel by the name of Roa Roa has collapsed with all people inside. Many guests in the hotel sustained injuries as a result or have died and some of them had come to attend the annual Paragiliya festival in Palu. Reports indicate that 76 rooms out of the 80 rooms there were occupied at the moment of this disaster. The government ordered that Al-Jufri Airport in the city be closed with a big explosion taking place. As confirmed by airport officials the damage has resulted with the naval system and administration pillars of the airport had broken down.

Foreign reports have been published by now about an officer there who had tried his best to to make passengers get on board a flight which was about to be airborne. But in the process, unfortunately the said officer has lost his life. What authorities confirmed was that thousands of houses were subjected to damage because of this earthquake and Tsunami. Even the port was heavily damaged. In the meantime, a crane inside Pantalong port had got washed away by the Tsunami waters.

As confirmed by authorities, the Kunin Bridge which holds a symbolic significance in Indonesia has been destroyed from the disaster. Since great interference in telecommunication facilities has resulted in the area which was subject to this devastation, it is understood that even President Joko Vijodo was unable to communicate with Governor Lonki Junggola. With the onset of the earthquake, inmates of Dongal Prison had engaged in a riot while their kith and kin have set fire to the prison.  At least a hundred  prisoners were able to flee while the prison has sustained severe damage.

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