Malabe millionaire murdered ... not by underworld elements ... but his own wife -- accuses mother

 Malabe millionaire murdered ... not by underworld elements ... but his own wife -- accuses mother

Malabe millionaire murdered ... not by underworld elements ... but his own wife -- accuses mother

A millionaire businessman was murdered on the eve of day-before-yesterday (25) near Chandrika Cumaratunga Mawatha, Malabe, Kaduwela and subsequently the deceased's mother has lodged a complaint with Mulleriyawa Pole last morning (26) saying that his attractive wife is to be suspected in this instance. Police say that it was stated in the complaint that the
businessman's wife is solely responsible for the killing.

At present police investigations are continuing under the assumption that the said murder had taken place as a result of underworld connections and it was in that process that this complaint has been made. It was Appu Thanthri Aarachchilage Roshan Premalal ('poli Roshan'), a 46 year old and father of 3 children living in Himbutana Banku Handiya area who was subjected to this murder. The referred to millionaire businessman who was involved in several businesses such as lending money on interest, expressway contract businesses, getting down heavy vehicles and selling them. Last evening (25) the victim had come in his Prado jeep and had been engaged in physical exercises near the lane Chandrika Cumaratunga Mawatha in Malabe reserved for such activities when a person who had come on a motor bicycle had shot him and fled.

Close to the location where the tragedy took place there was a police guard room attached to the Athurugiriya - Nawagamuwa Police area and the police officers there had visited the scene promptly and dispatched the victim to Neville Fernando Teaching Hospital. Police said that he had passed away in hospital there.

Wife of this millionaire businessman had on a certain day last year had attempted to stab him in the chest and so murder him. In this connection the suspected wife was taken into custody by Mulleriyawa police and remanded thereafter. Later on the injured husband has requested for a settlement in court and thereby bailed his wife; the case however is suspending, police say. Subsequently she had lived away from her husband and has even filed a case asking for maintenance from her husband, police further said.

The deceased's mother mentioned in the presence of police that even without legally separating from her husband and not being satisfied with a fine had then may have gone to the extent of killing her son in order to acquire all his assets. Inquiries in connection with this homicide is underway under instructions and directions of officer-in-charge of Athurugiriya Police and Inspector of Police, Mr. Upul Alawattha.

Information -- Airangi Edirisingha

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