Elder and younger brother get together and commit rape on Advanced Level student

Elder and younger brother get together and commit rape on Advanced Level student

Elder and younger brother get together and commit rape on Advanced Level student ....

and after killing her, has hid her in jungle near the home

A big commotion has arisen because of the
incident of an 18 year old student named Sivaloganathan Vithya being abducted while still in her school uniform and had then been raped and murdered.  

The suspects in this connection have been arrested and it has been revealed that they belong to the same family. Though Vithya  who had been studying at A/L class at Punkudithi Maha Vidyalaya, Kayts had set off from home last Wednesday morning and had not returned home after school the householders had become worried. The students too had got to the streets compelling the police to inquire for her disappearance and on investigations conducted by Kayts Police her dead body was found the following day morning inside a jungle land close to 9th lane in Punkudithiv.

The post mortem held at Jaffna Base Hospital revealed that the girl had been raped after being gagged and that her head had struck a hard surface and had died as a result of blood travelling to the brain. Protests by fellow students were seen demanding that the murderer be found without delay and in the instance when her final rites were carried out on last 15th, protests in this connection escalated with intensity.

According to evidence available near the corpse, Kayts Police who conducted a sharp investigation subjected several persons into questioning and three suspects who were identified as having committed the murder were taken into custody. What Kayts Police said was that 3 brothers of the same family of 9th Lane in Punkudithiv were so taken into custody. The house where the 3 brothers lived was close to where the dead body was found. 40 year old Poobalasingham Rathnakumar alias Ravi, 34 year old Poobalasingham Jeyakumar alias Sendil and 32 year old Poobalasingham Thavakumar have thus been arrested in this connection.

The three of them had got together and had waylaid the girl when she was returning home from school and had later taken her to a shrub forest and gagged her after which all three of them from time to time had engaged in rape. Fearing that the identity would be exposed, a stone had been aimed at her head and thus she had been murdered, the police had said.

Further investigations are being conducted in this connection.