Minister Mervin reveals counter-attacks after Rupavahini incident

Those who troubled me that day at Rupavahini .... got into trouble in about a month's time- Minister Mervin Silva

Minister Mervin Silva brought back to memory about the commotion in which he was involved in at the National Rupavahini Corporation about 7 years ago in 2007, at the celebrations yesterday.

Having gone to inquire about a Rupavahini item of news that had not been published and on the occasion when the Director concerned was assaulted; as a reaction to it, employees of Rupavahini sorrounded the Minister and in turn assaulted him too that day.

With that incident the Minister was wounded and was later hospitalised. What was reported during the next few days was information that some employees who took a share in involving themselves in this moment of commotion had faced some trouble when they were coming to work from their homes. While nobody came forward to take responsibility about it, even police complaints too went under the carpet.

This is how Minister Mervin Silva spoke at a meeting held yesterday: "When I went to solve the issue of the National Rupavahini .... I was told, 'if you get down with this rope, you can go from the secret road'. I said that even if I sacrifice my life here .... I will go from where I came. Because I did that, the crowd of conspirators got together and started giving me trouble. I got wounded also. But because I had a set of good friends, after about a month passed, the people who injured me also got into trouble".

The video of that talk, from BELOW