Levitation incidents in Anuradhapura

The story of a bhikku begging for alms in Anuradhapura ....  disappearing with spiritual powers

A villager who met a Buddhist monk in an aramaya who was on his way begging for alms in Anuradhapura area had disappeared all of a sudden, creating a miracle through spiritual powers while a similar incident too was reported.
This phenomenon which is supported to have taken place last 29th is reported from Thimbirikadawala area situated close to Anuradhapura towards morning hours.

This experience is related by a person by the name of Chandika Nilantha Samaratunga (38), a father of 2 children who lives in Shravasthipura, Thimbirikadawala.

This is how he describes it: "On 29th morning I attended to a medical treatment to my mother and then came home in a three-wheeler. When coming home, I saw a monk begging for alms in a very passive manner. I went inside the home and inquired from my wife whether a monk had come begging for alms. But my wife said nobody came home. Accordingly in order to provide alms from the food prepared in the morn. I put a portion of it into a bowl and went behind the thero in the three-wheeler. I then stopped and gave the alms to the thero somewhere near the Buddha statue erected by the roadside.The thero was dressed in a manner that both his shoulders and the body were covered. I began to serve food to the begging bowl which was covered by the robe, he told me that the alms he received was sufficient for him that day. When I asked whether he needed any money, he said he does not meddle with money and that too he said in a most calm tone. He was a bhikku who had a most charming body. He was not wearing any sandals. He did not use any umbrella either to escape from the sunlight. When I asked him from where he came there, he responded saying that he engages in meditation in Ritigala Kanda. I then asked him to tell me a place where I could meet him. He then told me that it is difficult for me to meet him. I asked him whether there is some other message that could be given to human beings and spoke further.'If one would engage in virtuous conduct, without causing any harassment to all human beings,the whole life will be a miracle. The life will be incredibly marvellous'. So saying, he kept on moving forward.

I went back home in the three-wheeler and after keeping the bowl at home, I went behind the monk with the motive of confronting him once more.I saw this monk very clearly proceeding in front of me. But when I got close to him, this monk who was talking to me suddenly vanished. Though I searched for him all over the area, I could not find him. When I questioned several people in the area whether a monk came begging for alms, they told me that no such monk came begging for alms.

An year before this I happened to dream of a huge banyan tree. After a short while, a Banyan creeper started to get dragged towards the earth from the Banyan tree. From towards its end, a lovely Buddha statue began to be created. Some person told me in the dream to light a lamp to the Banyan tree and engage in religious activities.

After that day I refrained from all types of meat, liquor, smoking and never used harsh words. Every Poya Day as a custom I engaged in Sil. What I think is that it may have been an arahat who appeared in my presence. However, although I said this, most people didn't accept it". Mr. Chandika Nilantha said that he told about this incident only to a few selected friends of his.

In the same way, about 2 days after that, on a morning, a person who was travelling in a van had come across the monk who was engaged in begging for alms. The monk had made a request from him to drop him at the main road. When escorting the monk in this manner, the monk had asked him to drop him near Anuradhapura Prisons.

When the person in the van had opened the door of the van for the monk to get down at the said location, the monk had disappeared, it is reported.

Though many a person in the area was hoping to see the monk, nobody was able to get an opportunity of seeing him.

Report -- Wijaya Buddhika