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Vice principal who catches student love-couple red-handed behaving as husband-wife ... subjected to assault!

Vice principal who catches student love-couple red-handed behaving as husband-wife ... subjected to assault!

Location:- A three-storied building presently deserted and which is under construction at a mixed school close to Anuradhapura. A schoolboy and schoolgirl of the same school were caught red-handed in the said building behaving as husband and wife by the lady vice principal and on that occasion the vice principal and was subjected to assault by the schoolboy after which she had to be hospitalised. 

As the vice principal has seen them behaving in that manner, the boy who thought of getting away
from her had then aimed a serious blow after which the vice principal had sustained serious in jury and admitted to Anuradhapura teaching hospital for treatment. The vice principal who sustained injuries has made a statement to hospital police at Anuradhapura hospital and has said that when the annual house sports competition training was in progress this incident took place. On the day of the incident, during the time when this house sports competition was in progress, the vice principal had been making a tour round the school and having heard some noise from the top floor of the three-storied building, being suspicious of it has proceeded to go there and make an inspection when to her surprise what met her eyes was that a girl whom she knew very well in the school and a boy in the pose of husband and wife ... both totally nude. The moment her eyes fell on this scene she just could not shut out and the boy who had in the process stopped his movements abruptly and tried to hide. The girl too has taken hiding behind desks and chairs in the nude. 

Later, the vice principal has gone away from there scolding, "No shame on these two .. I'll see to this later". While on her way, the boy had pursued her and had dealt a blow with something which he could lay his hands on and in a manner that she would collapse on the floor in which instance she had fallen from that blow and ended up with her head being cracked. 

Bleeding from her head she was rendered unconscious while the schoolboy and the schoolgirl have darted from the building. For the luck of the vice principal, a girl house prefect had been passing the place concerned and having heard her mourning had come there and having seen the vice principal bleeding and lying unconscious immediately has notified teachers in the school as well as some students and taken steps to hospitalise her. 

Later, she has told the principal and teachers about what she saw and that she fell down unconscious from the blow aimed at her by this boy and girl who were behaving as husband and wife on the third floor of the building concerned in order to flee from the spot. Sometime later an underskirt alleged to have been worn by the girl was found at the place of the incident. 

It was revealed that the girl connected to this incident is studying in grade eight while the boy is in grade ten in the school. Whatever it is, since the parents of the boy and the principal have a sort of empathy between each other, the principal has dismissed the incident as of a trivial nature. An inquiry has still not been held in this regard. On the other hand it is revealed that because of the assault of the boy, the vice principal has suffered serious crack injury on her head. School news sources say that the principal has not even bothered to ask any questions from the vice principal who has suffered severe injury. Parents are planning to bring up a protest in this connection.  

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