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What are these October 15 - 25 attack messages circulating in the social media about which the government keep silent?

What are these October 15 - 25 attack messages circulating in the social media about which the government keep silent?

A number of letters about news of a series of attacks causing fear and similar to a most unfortunate situation akin to the Easter attack have begun to circulate in the social media. 

These are two types of letters. A letter dated October 1st says in its heading that from a letter by archbishop addressed to the president that there was a threat of launching an attack on churches between October 15 - 25. Therefore, it speaks about instructions issued by higher sources to take security measures in that respect. It is further mentioned there that a security council meeting too has
been conducted about it. While the picture depicting the name of the chief who placed his signature to that letter is covered and has been directed to social media, the letter concerned has been forwarded to chief of staff of security. 

A day after that first letter, the second letter on October 2nd it was a letter written by Fort officer in charge of police. This letter which indicates 10 hotels in Colombo and names of the hotels too are indicated and what was informed to the managers of the hotels is about an alarm signal about an attack to be launched in the future. 

It has been informed through this letter forwarded to hotel Hilton, Galadari, Kingsbury, Shanfri-La, Taj, Grand Oriental, City hotel, Steuart hotel, Fairway hotel and the One Hotel that police are knowledgeable about the said attack and to take serious security measures to check tourists arriving at their hotels in the next few days and also to direct their registration particulars daily to police by 9 in the morning. 

There however is no response whatsoever so far by the government in connection with these letters or matters indicated in them. What police media spokesman mentioned some days back was only that an inquiry would be conducted officers who forwarded these letters, information of which was not confirmed by intelligence units. Those two letters which had circulated in the social media are seen below  

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