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Why only Gota didn't come ... when asked to come to same platform?

Why only Gota didn't come ... when asked to come to same platform?

The programme which caught the attention of the country was the public platform programme where all presidential candidates -- organised by 'March 12 Vyaparaya'. Preparations were launched for political leaders ready to take over Sri Lanka to be present here 'live' and to express their plans and about issues relating to the country. 

This programme was arranged well in advance and steps were taken to inform all frontline political
parties and minor parties as well as independent candidates who had deposited cash.  

This programme in fact was divided into two sections. The first round was allocated to candidates of the alternate stream while the next round was allocated to candidates of the main stream. Though Sajith Premadasa of the UP and Anura Kumara Dissanayaka of the JVP were present for the main stream talks ... Gotabhaya Rajapaksa of Sri Lanka Podu Jana Peramuna has not turned up. 

Making excuses in this respect, joining in a media briefing, media spokesman of that party Dalas Alahapperuma informed that in a background where a final decision has not been reached about nominations and candidates, Gotabhaya Rajapaksa was not able to participate on 'public stage' as such and that he notified organisers about it last morning (5). 

Incidentally while this discussion was proceeding, it was later reported that Mr. Gotabhaya Rajapaksa has joined in at a political rally of Ven. Athureliye Rathana thero. At the time the said discussion was proceeding though presidential candidates depositing their cash was not over, it was apparent that an atmosphere where Gotabhaya was steadfast in contesting the presidential election. Mr. Gotabhaya was in fact even prepared to sign nominations this morning (6) and he was even ready to join in the meeting at election office. Thus, Mr. Dalas Alahapperuma stating that " ... in a background where there is no final decision about our candidate" is thus seen as being certainly far from the truth.  

Under these circumstances major criticisms have sprung up within the social media. What some people have said was that Gotabhaya is not able to deliver a 'live' speech and that he is someone who can say a speech written out by someone and is read across a teleprompter and that because mistakes would occur when engaging in a talk at a place like this it would be detrimental to his vote ... so that he avoided being present for that reason. 

In the same way, what some others say is that Gotabhaya is normally someone who is of a loathsome having a minor-tempered type of talk and that he would get into a sort of shock during a sudden dialogue and would respond in a hot-tempered manner it would reflect in a negative way for the forthcoming election and therefore those behind him had taken steps not to send him. 

Gotabhaya in fact had not joined in any media confrontations during the past period. Neither did he come forward to respond to questions posed by cameraman-reporters who would aim the mike to him when going out on various occasions. When the media questioned Mr. Dalas Alahapperuma on a previous instance about this avoiding the media, what he said on that occasion was that as there are a number of legal cases against Gota; if unnecessary words are released from his mouth it would be detrimental for those cases and therefore he avoids the media on legal advice. Dalas on that occasion has very clearly accepted that Gotabhaya avoids the media. 

It is something special that Gotabhaya who has won a name as someone who engages in debating manner about uplifting the country by being present at debating programmes for a period of time such as 'Vyathmaga' and 'Eliya' even before other candidates did not turn up at yesterday's (5) 'Public platform'. The programme where all other candidates had come and watched yesterday's programme till the end had expressed their ideas saying that 'Public platform' programme was a programme which did not have debatable and aggressive instances as was said. 

'March 12 Vyaparaya' the non-governmental organisation had organised this as a process carried out on behalf of democracy conducted in Sri Lanka and an opportunity was allowed each candidate to make only a few talks. Some had said that it was a boring one. However as it was an occasion where everybody was gathered for the first time ... avoiding it was conspicuous. This was broadcast in all rupavahini transmissions other than channels Hiru, Derana identified as favouring Gota. Therefore it was a welcome occasion to deliver a speech among the rupavahini audience prior to the election battle.     

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