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Sujith trapped in borewell in Tamil Nadu ... passes away before being rescued!

Sujith trapped in borewell in Tamil Nadu ... passes away before being rescued!

Attention of the whole world was focused from last Friday upto now was rescue operations by authorities of a two year old toddler named Sujith Wilson. However, what was reported last night was that he had breathed his last before being rescued. 

Last Friday evening at about 5.30 this child had been playing with his friends when he happened to have fallen. Sujith who was stuck initially at a depth of about 26 feet has fallen about 70 feet further
during the process of trying to extricate him with the aid of a rope, it is said. Even the attention of Indian prime minister was drawn towards this incident to rescue the child and a great operation was carried out to take the child out at which time he had gone deeper about 88 feet. 

What authorities thought was that by digging the well the child may face damage and to dig a pit closeby there and by moving through it towards the child in a cross direction he could be saved.  Indian authorities had stated that digging procedures could turn out to be a very difficult task as the earth around the pit where the child was stuck was a rock terrain and for that reason the excavations had to be done in a manner that the child would not be harmed physically and therefore to proceed at slow speed. By yesterday rescue operations had commenced and 82 hours had elapsed and Indian authorities said that another 12 hours would be necessary to save the toddler. 

However, what was reported in the night was that a foul smell was emanating probably from the dead body of the child. Therefore it was confirmed that he had passed away. This two year old toddler had been shouting out for over three days from Friday to Monday in hunger and has finally suffered to the utmost and left the whole world in the end bringing tears to everybody. Indian authorities said that having realised that the child was no more they had not given up digging another pit to rescue the bod. Thus they had after digging a pit of 98 feet had then attempted digging a tunnel parallel to the pit where the child had fallen. They further said that in the meantime oxygen was provided for the child to breathe. 

In any case Indian authorities informed that dead Sujith's body was taken out from the massive hollow at about 8 this morning and the body by then had already decomposed and was handed over to the kith and kin. Thus criticism was levelled at Indian disaster management authorities saying that their delay was the responsible cause of the child's death and that 9 hours elapsed after rescue operations commenced to call them to the site concerned and that the manner in which Tamil Nadu government acted was at fault. 

The main reason for this tragedy was that after water in a well of this type meant to be utilised for cultivation purposes dry up, farmers only abandon the well; but no action is taken to  close the well. No series of instructions have so far been released so far. A number of instances where children like Sujith Wilson have fallen into Indian borewells every year has been reported. Deceased Sujith Wilson was in his second year and has an elder brother. 

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